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    Hello all. I am new to this forum. I just stumbled across it when browsing the web for ideas for my upcoming road trip.

    My wife-to-be and I live in Minneapolis. We are going to Massachusetts in October to be married. For our honeymoon, we plan on driving from Massachusetts to Colorado Springs. The plan is to leave on a Sunday morning and be in Colorado Springs by the following Wednesday so that we can spend a couple of days out there. That basically gives us 3 or 4 days of driving time.

    We do not plan on stopping anyplace for any significant amount of time (except for food and sleep). But we do want to make the road trip entertaining by driving through some scenic areas.

    Rather than take the direct route from MA, we plan on swinging south a little towards Tennessee so that we can drive through the Great Smoky Mountains. We will then make our way across Tennessee so that we can go through Nashville. But from there, we are not sure which way to go. We can either go through Arkansas and Oklahoma and then up to Colorado Springs or through Missouri and Kansas into Colorado. But we are not sure which direction would provide a more scenic route.

    Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum and congratulations!

    Starting out, I'd say you aren't giving yourself enough time to make this trip, especially going "a little" South through Tennessee. Other than that, I don't know that either route could be considered "better" for scenery unless there is something specific that you have in mind.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    By the most direct Interstate route, it's just over 2000 miles from Boston to Colorado Springs, and while that can be done comfortably in 4 days of driving, it would be a tedious and relentless trek with no time for any sights or side trips if you tried to do it in 3. By the same token, trying to swing as far south as Nashville increases the miles to nearly 2400 making it a 4 day tedious trek. So, if you want to do this in 4 days and have time for some relaxing stops, you'll need to stick to I-90/I-80/I-76/I-25. But even so, there are plenty of relaxing stops near those routes.


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    Default are you set?

    Are you absolutely set on going to Colorado Springs?

    It sounds like you're going to be rushing there, spend a couple days, and then I'm guessing you'll be rushing back to Minnesota?

    Especially if you are just wrapping up a wedding, and one where you are traveling half way across the country at that, I wonder if you wouldn't really end up having a better time simply by focusing on a more eastern location.

    There are any number of possibilities, including simply spending your time in the Smokey Mountain Region. You could also spend some time along the Carolina Coast. Or you could go a completely different direction, and spend some time going up the atlantic coast into Maine and even the Canadian Maritimes. You'd certainly have a lot more time to enjoy and relax, compared to driving 2000+ miles there and then another 1000 or so back home.

    I share the thoughts of the previous posters that with only 3-4 days, you don't have much extra time to do anything but a sprint out to Colorado, and adding in a detour down to Tennessee on that timetable would make it a pretty exhausting trip. I can't imagine wanting to do something like that while trying to start a honeymoon after the stress of a wedding.

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    Thanks for the concern but the travel time or the destination of the trip is not a concern for us. We are from Boston originally and have been all over New England. We now live in Minneapolis and have made the drive to and from countless times. We have also done some other road trips as well. So we are pretty confident that we can make it there in 3 or 4 days. Like I said earlier, we do not plan on really stopping for any significant amount of time... mainly just to eat and sleep. I have done the numbers and to go the southern route would be about 2250 miles. That is about 560 miles a day which should be about 8 or 9 hours of driving a day. That is totally doable. We love driving. We love road trips. The purpose of the trip is to get out to Colorado Springs quickly while driving through some cool areas on the way. Not to sound rude or anything but please don't respond by saying that we can't do it in 4 days. If it takes longer than 4 days... no big deal. What we really want to know is if anybody knows any good scenic routes through Arkansas and Oklahoma into Colorado or through Kansas in Colorado.

    {Editor's Note: I think we've reached the end WRT our willingness to discuss this trip. The thread is closed. You will need to go to another site for recommendations beyond what we've provided.}
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