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    Hello all,

    I am planning a road trip in the beggining of June for 12 days from West Palm Beach, FL to Colorado. I probably will go as far as Grand Junction and Aspen. I'm doing this alone and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions such as nice scenic routes along the way and great sites to see as well and great restaurants along the way. I have never been to Colorado, Minnesota or Chicago. Also, whats a reccomended stop over from FL to CO. It says it takes 30 hours to get there. Do you think at all possible I can make it in 2 days?

    I've already been to Tennessee, Kentucky, and St Louis last year on my roadtrip. I would like to know whats interesting in Kansas and Kansas City, Nebraska, Iowa & Omaha

    The route mapquest gave me was I.75 to Chattanooga to I.24 to Nashville, Peducah to I.57 to I.64 to St Louis and than onto I.70 into Colorado. Going back towards Minneapolis I'm trying to determine if I should go I 25 to Cheyenne WY. (Worth seeing there?) and onto I 80 towards Omaha. Should I just go I 80 from Denver to Omaha and so on.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated

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    There is absolutely no way you can make the trip from West Palm to Grand Junction in 2 days or 30 hours. At nearly 2300 miles (before you start taking scenic routes) that is a four day drive. On line software is notorious for making unrealistic assumptions about driving times. Do not believe them. As a rule of thumb plan on no more than 500-550 miles of driving per day on long distance jaunts like this.

    As for things to see and do along the way, you can start here and see what appeals to you and where those leads might take you. The shorter route from Colorado (in general) to Minneapolis would be to take I-80 to Des Moines and then I-35 up to Minneapolis, but for not too many miles more you can go up through Wyoming and across South Dakota which I think you might enjoy more.



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