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    Default LA to NYC - leaving 12/8/08

    I am making a big trek back to the East Coast from Los Angeles to NYC leaving 12/8/08. My best friend is coming with me and we are looking for the easiest route (read: Least amount of snow!).

    Im driving an '05 Acura RSX. I am NOT putting snow tires on the car. What is the best route for us to take and any suggestions for things to check out on the way there? Also any suggestions on where to stop over...we are trying to do 10 hours at leats of driving/day.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The thing about cross country driving in the winter is that there is no single route that will have no snow. There is only (perhaps) the route that won't have too much snow when you're on it. I have laid out the three basic possibilities before, so you should have a look at those and keep your options open. Watch the weather forecasts for several days prior to leaving and then, only a day or two before departure, pick the one with a good forecast that appeals to you most. Ten hours of 'driving' a day will get you about 500-550 miles down the road when you factor in stops for gas, food and other necessities. That means you'll need at least 5 days to make the trip. Having a sixth day in reserve for sightseeing and/or weather and traffic delays would be a good idea. You can probably make the drive without snow tires if you keep to the Interstates and have sufficient time in hand to sit out any bad weather, but the key to making the trip safe and enjoyable is not to press on beyond the capabilities of you and your car. Note that all of the advice above argues for not worrying about where you'll be staying each night but to just find a motel wherever you are when it's time to call it quits for the evening. You shouldn't have any problem finding lodging anywhere along the major cross country routes.


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    Thank you so much!!
    This is a great forum!
    We honestly have as much time as we wish (neither one has to get back for anything..,besides xmas!) but we'd like to complete the trip in 7 days total. Sounds feasible. I don't think driving 3000 miles with snows is a good idea. At least everyone and their father has given me that advice?

    Thank you for the suggestions. I won't plan out where we will end up each night just in case weather or other factors come into play.

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    I can understand not wanting snow tires, but it would be prudent to pick up a set of cable chains and throw them in the trunk.

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    Seriously? you think chains will be necessary? I will follow your advice and throw them in my trunk...better safe than sorry. Spent many many years navigating snowy roads (went to school well upstate NY) but I had 4WD. soo...FWD will certainly be different. Getting all weather tires this week.

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    The reason I suggested cables is chain laws. You may not be allowed to proceed through certain areas at certain times without them. I know how to drive in the stuff too, but there's a set in a bag behind the seat of my truck 365. The cheapest place for you to find them in SoCal should be Walmart.

    "All-season" tires are fine to run cross country at high speeds. I see no reason for you to get pure snow tires.

    The fastest route is 2800 miles. That's I-15/I-70/I-76/I-80. That's a 5 day drive with no sightseeing. Another option, slightly longer but not significantly, is I-15/I-40/I-44/I-70/I-71/I-76/I-80. I'd check the weather before you go and make the decision at that time. Both routes involve toll roads.

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    Decided to get special all weather tires put on this week. My brother came with me and we found a great set. ALso putting cables in the trunk...thanks for the suggestion, you just never know.

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