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  1. Default 9 day Road Trip Leaving 12/29: FL to NC/VA, TN/KY and back

    Wow I'm so glad I discovered this forum! Lots of great stories here.

    Today is Friday and I am psyched because we are leaving tomorrow morning enroute for the TN / NC / VA / W.VA / KY mountainous region with no particular idea where we will end up! Since we went to TN & KY last year I am leaning a little more towards NC and WVA areas but it is not yet written in stone. We had a great time spending most of our time in Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg and the Smokey Mountains last year mid December. Cumberland Falls in KY was absolutely BREATHTAKING; I say that, and I am known to be tough to entertain, lol.

    Being from Florida, my wife wants to see snow on this trip so I imagine we will have to bounce around the mountainous areas, and hope for a low pressure system, in order to accomplish that.

    To start our trip, we will be leaving 6am tomorrow (Sat) morning here in SW Florida and will be taking I75 north. Then I am unsure if we will continue on I75 or jump over and take I95. It all depends what fun is out there waiting for us that we have not discovered yet.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as far as scenic routes, or interesting stop-offs???? THANKS!

    We will have the laptop in the car with wireless national access so I will be checking this thread and chiming in from time to time!

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    Default Do It Again, Only Somewhere Else

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Right now, the nearest snow cover is in New York, and it doesn't look like there's any in the forecast for the near future. So, if that's the case, why not just enjoy a slightly different flavor of the Appalachians. One of my favorite areas is Virginia and West Virginia with caves, scenic roads like the Blue Ridge Parkway, great smaller cities and towns like Lexington and Charlottesville, National Parks like Shenandoah, and all those Civil War Battlefields. It's a wonderful area to just wander around in.


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    Checking in at trip mile 210... wife, 11 year old daughter, 7 year old pomeranian dog, and myself. Thanks for that info AZBUCK. The caves are something I didnt know about and sound like something interesting we may check out. Thanks for that snow cover map also. I am hoping there is some snow in the mountains.

    We are currently aimed for jacksonville, Savannah, and then beyond.

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    Default Get Some 'Cue, Mayberry

    When in North Carolina, make sure you get some of that great Caolina barbeque. It's some of the best pulled-pork you'll ever savor.

    There are several Smithfield BBQs along the interstates. If you see one, get some.

    Plus, Mt. Airy, NC, Andy Griffith's hometown, was the model for Mayberry. It is a bit north of Winston-Salem. If you go, stop at Snappy Lunch for an outstanding pork sandwich. They close at 2 PM.

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    Sounds like a great trip. I wonder if you could help this user with a few tips for their own roadtrip through some of the areas which you've travelled.

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    Well I just want to let everyone know that we had an absolutely fantastic trip.

    I have documented our trip with a daily write-up and pictures
    Click Here For Our Trip Blog With Pictures

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    Default Fun website!

    Wow, you did get some snow on your trip, didn't you? I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation and glad we could help. I hope you'll consider checking in here once in awhile and helping other travelers.

    Thanks for sharing your roadtrip report!

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    Yes, thanks for your update! I enjoyed reading the update during my dinner break this afternoon.

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