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    Jeff Ryan Guest

    Default Leaving Thursday baby!

    Hey everyone! I've been looking forward to this road trip for some time now. I just want to get everyone's take and make sure I'm not overlooking anything.

    I'm going to be doing this trip by myself. I had tried to find someone to go with, but no luck. If there are any cute redheads somewhere along my itinerary (see below) reading this and would like to join me, let me know! :)

    Here are the nuts and bolts. I'm going to leave this Thursday, May 15th in hopefully good traveling weather and travel 11 days. Leaving my home in Cranston, Rhode Island, I'm going to take the interstates until I get to Maryland and then take the US highways (starting with US 50) all the way to Kansas City, MO. From there, slightly north to Nebraska (for some minor league baseball), then south to Dallas (taking 66 through Oklahoma and also US 75 amoung others). From there east to Savannah, GA on US 80 and then north up US 17 and then US 13 through the Delmarva Penninsula. Here is a closer look at my itinerary:

    5/15 Thurs - Atlantic City, NJ (side trip), Fri - Clarksburg, WV 629 miles Sat - Vincennes, IN 469 miles Sun - Kansas City, MO 431 miles Mon - Lincoln, NE 293 miles Tues - Miami, OK 458 miles Wed - Dallas, TX 412 miles Thurs - Jackson, MS 417 miles Fri - Macon, GA 434 miles Sat - Wilmington, NC 446 miles Sun - Dover, DE 459 miles Mon - Cranston, RI 397 miles

    Here's how I figure the cost (trying to overestimate):

    Miles - 5000, Gas - 17 fill ups x $22 = $374, Lodging - 11 stops x $75 = $825, Food - 36 meals x $5 = $180 TOTAL COST = $1379

    I think I've pretty much covered my bases. I figure 450 miles a day on the US highways is reasonable. Any ideas or suggestions would certainly be appreciated!

    I guess it probably would be kind of late to see if anyone wanted to join me. Well, maybe not. If you're interested, e-mail me! I was planning on going alone, then a buddy wanted to come along, and now he can't go. So I'm back to doing it myself again. But company is always appreciated.

    And if you see a shiny black '02 Mustang with a Phillies hat and Rhody plates, that's me! Happy travels!


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    Christina Guest


    Make sure you get a carriage ride on the A.C. boardwalk; for a few dollars some dude will push you up and down the boardwalk in some kind of a carriage thing, which is kind of fun!

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    kristy Guest

    Default cute redheads

    sounds like a great trip. i wish i could go with you, anyone who appreciates my red hair(strawberry blonde actually) is a great guy in my book!!!! Have fun

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