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  1. Default Washington DC to Phoenix - 4 Days

    Hi guys,

    Our previously planned trip from Baltimore didnt happen. But finally we are about to start our road trip this friday from Washington D.C to Phoenix.

    Our tentative Plan is like this .

    Friday : Washington - Kentucky(Lexington)
    Saturday: Lexington - Memphis
    Sunday : Memphis - Texas Amarillo
    Monday : Amarillo - Phoenix

    We are 2 guys driving in a Honda Accord, want to enjoy the trip, would prefer to enjoy the night life(bars, clubs) and some good local food.

    Any suggestions or tips would be appreciated.


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    It's over 2,400 miles from DC to Phoenix by the route you want to take. That is a solid 4 days drive making 600 miles each day. You have severely back end loaded your trip by only planning to cover 950 miles the first two days and 1470 the second two. Even with a couple of drivers, this is unwise. I'd strongly suggest that you rearrange your stops to better accommodate your main purpose which is getting to Phoenix, safely, in 4 days. Cookeville, TN; Fort Smith, AR; and Santa Rosa NM may not excite you, but they offer much better pacing for your trip and all will have at least few bars where you can toss back a couple at the end of your day's driving.


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    Thanks for the information. We are not sure how much we will be comfortable with driving per day. We will see how it goes on Day 1. If we feel we can cover more miles then we will change our plans accordingly.

    I appreciate your response and suggestions.


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