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    I am moving to Washington DC by the end of this month. I am thinking of making a round trip of it. I will be having 7 - 9 days. I will be taking I-17 from phoenix, then I-40 till Oklahoma city. From there I am looking at two routes.

    Route - memphis, nashville, knoxville to DC.
    Route - st.louis, louisville, lexington to DC.

    Except for DC I have never visited any of the cities mentioned above. I am leaning towards route 1 so I can visit the Great smoky mountains NP? I would like to take the easy route, considering road conditions (prefer non-mountainous), traffic, weather etc. Any suggestions on which route to take?


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    I find your preference for your first described route puzzling given that you are looking for an easy, non-mountainous drive. It is over a 125 miles longer than the shortest possible route and seeing the Great Smoky Mountains entails some two-land roads through, yes, the mountains. The shortest, easiest route is also the simplest: I-40 to Oklahoma City, I-44 to St. Louis, and I-70 to DC with a last little bit on I-270. If you're looking for something just a little more scenic, then I-64 from St. Louis through Louisville and Lexington, and connecting through I-79 in West Virginia to I-68 and I-70 through western Maryland, is just 35 miles longer than the shortest possible.

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    I didn't know the first option will be mountainous. I like the route through kentucky and west virginia. I am thinking of driving daily from ~10 in the morning till ~7 in the evening. And spend the night in a motel. Any suggestions on where to spend one extra day each in two cities/towns. I am thinking st.louis and lexington/louisville?

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    St. Louis would be a wonderful place to spend a day on your journey. If I had to choose another, I think I'd go for Lexington, tour some horse farms and bourbon distilleries, and look for a mint julep.


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