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  1. Default Roadtrip: Washington DC-Los Angeles-Washington DC in 10 days

    So here it is: My last College Spring Break is coming up in Mid March. So me and my best friend just said we are gonna do this. Start in Washington DC make it over to LA, and return to DC in 10 days. All of this driving of course.

    This will be the last time I think I will be able to just decide to get up and drive from Coast to Coast. I want to capitalize on this opportunity...

    I am fully aware that this is a crazy idea, and it is gonna be a lot of driving. I have roadtripped the entire East-Coast and I am aware of the huge distances and what it really means to sit in a car that long...
    Also this is not going to be a Roadtrip with a lot of Stops but rather a car trip where we are gonna experience the incredible size of this country and enjoy the landscape and countryside.

    My question is, is it really humanly possible to do this trip: Washington DC-LA and back to DC in 10 days.

    I would really appreciate your guys' thoughts and maybe some tips on how to survive this stupidity...

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    Yes you can make the trip in 10 days, you just won't have time for much else. Its about a 5 day trip each way, but you could probably shave it down so you'll have enough time to maybe spend one full day in LA before you head back.

    This isn't an extreme timetable, but I do think you would benefit from reading about the Art of the Speed Run.

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    I've driven from New York to LA (and vice-versa), and it's only fun if you can spend some good time in LA before turning around. I think doing it in 10 days will just wear you out, and cost a ton of gas money too. But, it can be done in 10 days.

    Maybe you've done this too many times already, but how about Florida? It's much closer, much cheaper, there's more fun Spring Break stuff going on, and you can actually go in the water. I;ve lived in LA for a while before; there's always a chance you might be wearing jeans and a sweatshirt in April, and the water is cold year-round.

    If you've only got 10 days, I recommend hitting up Miami Beach and having more time to have fun/relax. Hotels are affordable in North Miami Beach (just 5-10 mins from all of the hotspots in SoBe), and you can make a day trip down to the Florida Keys, which is an amazing drive if you've never done it.
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