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  1. Default Road Trip - Baltimore to Phoenix - 4 Days


    Myself and a friend are planning to take a drive from Baltimore to Phoenix.

    We have 4-5 days to reach phoenix. We would like to know how to plan our trip. At what places should we make stop for night stay. We probably would book hotels and stay for 3 nights.

    We would prefer to stay at places where there is nightlife with Bars, Clubs.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated?


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    Default I'm not a nightlife expert anymore... I don't know if I can help you with that but I can help with the rest. Welcome to the Roadtrip America forums!

    By quickest route, this trip is about 2350 miles. This map should help you visualize this quickest route. You can see where you're driving through and if there's any places along the way that you really want to stop at. If you add any sidetrips, it will increase the mileage so that will change the mileage and increase the travel time. We generally recommend no more than about 500 miles or so per day so you can make this trip in five easy days. Or four if you push it a tad.

    We have many resources here on trip-planning. Check out the Roadtrip Planning link in the green bar at the top of this page. LOTS of good stuff there. Some that you might find particularly helpful are:
    How to plan a great road trip
    Safe distances to drive in a day
    How to figure out your budget
    Eating more healthy and cheaper out of your cooler

    You and your friend might want to discuss the issues raised in the Roadtrip Compatibility Quiz to make sure you're both on the same wave-length.

    So have fun checking out these links, get some ideas together, and then come back with more questions so we can help you plan a great roadtrip. Enjoy the planning!

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