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  1. Default Travelling from Miami to New York in Aug-Sep

    Hi guys l am from Australia and l am bringing the family over to Miami in late Aug early Sep.

    Wanting to know the fastest and easiest way to New York and what l should and shouldn't know about. l can drive for approx 12 hours a day....

    My kids are 2 girls age 5 and 2......

    And what would be worth seeing on the way up to New York.....

    Cheers Chris

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    Default I-95

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    Quote Originally Posted by ORSM4B
    l can drive for approx 12 hours a day.
    But what about your daughters? My own experience with my grandsons is that they do a lot better if they can get our of the car every few hours and just run around for a bit. They particularly like natural settings with some little display or visitor's center such as those found at wildlife refuges and state parks. Such places are readily available along I-95, the direct route from Miami to New York. Besides those 'time outs' the major things to see along that drive are mostly urban places such as the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, FL; Savannah, GA; South of the Border in Dillon, SC; Washington, DC; and Philadelphia, PA. You also get close to some pristine shoreline as you pass the Cumberland Island National Seashore in southern Georgia. Depending on the time you have available to you and your interests, someone might be able to suggest more specific places that would meet your needs


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    Thanks for the reply mate, yeah l would really like to see a shuttle launch so how long does the tour of the space centre go for....

    We would probably do the trip over three days would that be enough time...?

    Also with the little motels along the way would you know average $$$ price for a room...

    Cheers Chris

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    Default I-95, Part Two

    At just over 1200 miles, you could probably make the drive on your own in two days as a Speed Run, but with two small children in tow, 3 days would be a minimum. That means covering 'just' 400 miles a day and leaves time for you and your girls to experience something of the east coast of America. You can keep an eye out for upcoming launches from the Kennedy Space Center, but trying to fit one into a tight schedule can be very frustrating. I've been to 3 shuttle launches and only one took off on time (at 6:00 in the morning), the other two were delayed by days or weeks. Still, there are a number of tours available including one that leaves every 15 minutes and takes you to some of the major parts of the launch complex. I'd count on at least 3-4 hours from the time you leave the highway until you're back on the road again.

    As far as motels go, I think about $75 should get you a decent room for the night at a mid-scale chain. You can probably find cheap rooms for $40-50. They will generally be well advertised on billboards along the highway so you should have no trouble finding them. With travel down in the US due to rising fuel costs and more people choosing to camp to save money, reservations really shouldn't be necessary.


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