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    Hi, i'll be travelling from New York down to Miami in June with my friend. We're both 19 so we're travelling using greyhound, trains, whatever we can. We've provisionally set aside 12 days (not including Ny or Miami).

    So far we thought we'd do philadelphia then washington,DC then we sorta ran out of knowledge. It'd be great if i could get some tips on where is nice to go between washington, DC and orlando because it makes up quite a bit of our journey. Somebody mentioned myrtle beach to me, is it nice? we can't get there on the amtrak rail so i'm guessing we'd have to take busses down which would take much longer.

    Basically any ideas are welcome or anything we cant afford to miss on the way down. We're interested in sightseeing, areas of natural beauty and socialising mainly.



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    Default Lots to see in that part of the country

    I'm sorry I haven't had the pleasure of traveling there much myself so I can't give you any personal insights. But we have a lot of discussions about those areas so I'll provide you some links to them. Read through them for ideas. Hopefully somebody will pop in here with some more personal knowledge to share.

    AZBuck, one of our moderators, wrote a good roadtrip report. While he traveled in other areas that you're not planning on visiting, if you read through this, you should get some good tips.

    More great ideas here. And lots of links in the various answers that you should follow for more ideas.

    UKCraig, another one of our moderators, also had a great trip in The South and has lots of information you might find useful.

    Hope this helps a bit. If you have more specific questions after reading through these, just ask. You almost might want to do a search through the threads here (use the search tool in the green bar above). Happy planning!

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    Thanks very much, that was extremely helpful.

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    We are two gals from Ecuador, both 23 years old. We are looking for the cheapest and funnest (is that a word?) way to travel from NY to MIA without getting ourselves in dangerous situations, it's our last vacations from university and we are looking forward to have a good time. The thing is our budget might be tight so any advise? Also, what is there to see around?

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Probably the mode of transportation with the best combination of safe, cheap and fun is to take the train. There are two trains a day from New York to Miami, and each takes a day and a half to make the journey. If you can sleep in your seat, the cost is only about $115/person. As foreigners, you might be able to get some special discounts, and you also might be able to get a ticket that lets you get off/on at a few places along the way. Buses might be cheaper, but would not be as comfortable or as fast. Driving would be considerably more expensive just in gas, let alone renting the car, and flying, while fast and safe, would cost a lot more (and fares are rising almost daily). If you can make arrangements to leave the train for a while and reboard the next one, then the places I'd recommend that you see would be Philadelphia, Washington, Charleston (if you take the Silver Meteor) and Savannah.


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