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    Default From New York to Miami Beach

    Thanks in advance for any useful advice!

    My best mate and I (UK-based DJs) are coming to the Winter Music Conference in Miami Beach next week and rather than go direct we have decided to head to New York and then drive down - hwoever, there are a couple of things we need to know:

    a) are we mad bearing in mind we expect to do it in two days?
    b) can we rent a car one-way to fly back out of Miami to NYC?
    c) where is the best place to rent from in NYC?
    d) what route should we take? We assume I-95.
    e) Where should we visit on the way down (i.e. quick stops!?

    Thanks again.

    Mark and Steve

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    I don't think you are entirely crazy, but I wouldn't expect to be doing too much stopping along the way. You should pick one place to stop for the night, to divide the trip up a bit. You can rent a car and drop it off in Miami and then fly home. Research it a little bit, because each rental place has different drop off rates. I have always found National Car Rental as the cheapest. ( It will cost a couple hundred bucks. If I were you though I would try to add a few more days to your drive and you could see some really great things. If not, Miami is great and you will have a blast. Good luck!

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    Default i'm doing the same thing

    some friends and i are doing the same road trip from new york to miami also for the wmc! We had some tough times trying to figure out how to rent a car, but luckily, my dad is letting us use a spare car that he has. You can definitely do it in two days, driving ten hours each day. Where to rent a car in nyc is kind of must be at least 25 years old, and i don't know if you are even allowed to put the kind of miles on the car that a road trip to miami would require. And yes, I 95 south is basicaly the best route since it takes you basically directly to miami.

    hope this helps

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