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    Zebum Guest

    Default 3 month Road trip


    Me and three of my friends are planning a roadtrip accross America next year and i was hoping i could get some advice!
    We we all be 21 or 22, all from the Uk, and are thinking of going between March 1st and June 1st 2007.
    This is a list of the main places we were thinking of visiting following our general route:
    New York
    Washington D.C.
    Mt Rushmore
    Salt Lake City
    San Francisco
    Santa Barbara
    Los Angeles
    Las Vegas
    Grand Canyon
    San Antonio
    New Orleans

    I was wondering what people thought of this route, if you think there is anything we are missing that we should see, and whether we have enough time to see all of this.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Default Minor Alterations and One Possible Major Obstacle

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forum.

    You'll need to change the order in which you see a few things. For example, Gettysburg should really fall between Philadelphia and Baltimore. Then if you'll be returning to the UK from Miami, your southeastern itinerary makes sense, but if you're returning from Boston, then from Roswell, it should probably go more like Roswell, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans, Tallahassee, Atlanta, Lynchburg, Boston. Three months leaves you ample time to see as much of America as you like, but I'm curious. Your itinerary seems to be heavily invested in cities. Is there a reason you've listed almost no National Parks or scenic venues? What is the purpose or reason behind the trip? Finally, you haven't addressed what may be your biggest problem. the difficulties and/or high cost that you'll encounter in trying to hire a car since you are all younger than 25? Have you looked into how you'll handle this?


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    Zebum Guest


    Thanks for the advice, i will have a look at those route changes you suggets.
    We are planning to go back from Miami so hopefully that part is ok.
    I should have been more specific, we will not only be visiting those cities, that is just the general rout we are taking, we hope to see as many national parks and other things as possible.
    Any tips on the best ones to see along that route would be much appreciated.
    Yes we are aware that hiring a car for under 25's will only be possible from certain companies and will be alot more expensive, we are still lokking into that and might buy a car instead.

    Thanks again.

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    Default The "Short" List

    Well, with 3 months you certainly can see a lot. Among the places I'd recommend as absolute must sees along your general route are the Mall in Washington, DC, Badlands National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Grand Tetons National Park, Virginia City in Nevada, Lake Tahoe, Big Sur, Mesa Verde National Park, Carlsbad Caverns National Park, Big Bend National Park, Vicksburg in Mississippi, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and Kennedy Space Center in Titusville Florida. If you hit all those (and you can, I think, in three months) you will have seen more of America than most Americans.

    Best of luck!


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    Zebum Guest


    Thats great thanks.
    We were also wondering if it was worth changing the route slightly and going up to the North west, going through glacier national park, then Washington state and Oregon and then down the west coast? Is it worth going so far out of the way to visit this area?
    Finally, we were wondering if anyone has any experience of doing a road trip from the UK and is under 25? Did you hire a car or buy one, and what would you suggest is easier and/or more cost effective.


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    Washington state coast/Olympic Peninsula

    Default Yup! It's worth it.

    With three months, it would be a real shame to miss the Pacific Northwest. Just some ideas of things to see:

    * Grand Coulee Dam - the largest concrete structure in the world with a cool laser light show
    * Dry Falls - the dry bedrock of the waterfall that was created when the inland sea during the last ice age broke through creating the coulees of Eastern WA
    * North Cascades Highway - beautiful drive through the mountains
    * Mr. Rainier - one of the biggest mountains on earth in terms of mass with enough glaciers to rival Glacier NP
    * Mt. St. Helens - see the devestation of the tremendous blast and nature's slow but sure recovery
    * Olympia National Park - one of the only temperate rainforests on Earth, looks like something pre-historic with huge ferns, tons of large moss, amazingly big trees, etc.
    * San Juan Islands - beautiful archipelago where you can see orca pods and other amazing sites
    * Coast - numerous places with great sites....I could give you more details if you decide to come this way
    * Seattle - Pike Place Market with the infamous flying fish, Ye Olde Curiousity Shoppe, Boeing plant factory tour, Museum of Flight, Space Needle

    * The entire coast - it's all good (Depoe Bay, Sea Lion Caves, Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, and more)
    * Crater Lake
    * John Day Fossil Beds
    * Columbia River Gorge & Mt. Hood

    These are just a few must-sees, imho.

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    Hi, i have posted about this trip before but i have some updates and am in need of some more advice!
    We are four 21 year olds from england who are planning a road trip all accross the usa starting around march 2007.
    This is our itinerary of everywhere we plan to visit, how long we plan to stay there and journey times accross to the various places.
    I would appreciate any comments on it, if anyone things there is anything we should really see that we have missed, or if anything is unrealistic etc.
    Also i was wondering if anyone from england had any experiance in buying a car in the usa for a raod trip?

    Start End Details
    Day 1 UK Boston Flying
    Day 2 Boston Boston
    Day 3 Boston Boston
    Day 4 Boston Boston
    Day 5 Boston New York Travelling 4 hours
    Day 6 New York New York
    Day 7 New York New York
    Day 8 New York New York
    Day 9 New York New York
    Day 10 New York Philadelphia Travelling 2 hours
    Day 11 Philadelphia Baltimore Travelling 2 hours
    Day 12 Baltimore Washington Travelling 1 hour
    Day 13 Washington Washington
    Day 14 Washington Washington
    Day 15 Washington Cleveland Travelling 6 hours
    Day 16 Cleveland Indianapolis Travelling 5 hours
    Day 17 Indianapolis Indianapolis
    Day 18 Indianapolis Chicago Travelling 3 hours
    Day 19 Chicago St Louis Travelling 5 hours
    Day 20 St Louis St Louis
    Day 21 St Louis Kansas City Travelling 5 hours
    Day 22 Kansas City Kansas City
    Day 23 Kansas City Sioux Falls Travelling 5 hours 30 mins
    Day 24 Sioux Falls Rapid City Travelling 5 hours
    Day 25 Rapid City Rapid City
    Day 26 Rapid City Yellowstone Travelling 9 hours
    Day 27 Yellowstone Yellowstone
    Day 28 Yellowstone Yellowstone
    Day 29 Yellowstone Seattle Travelling 12 hours
    Day 30 Yellowstone Seattle With Stop
    Day 31 Seattle Seattle
    Day 32 Seattle Seattle
    Day 33 Seattle Portland Travelling 3 hours
    Day 34 Portland San Francisco Travelling 10 hours
    Day 35 Portland San Francisco With Stop
    Day 36 San Francisco San Francisco
    Day 37 San Francisco San Francisco
    Day 38 San Francisco San Francisco
    Day 39 San Francisco Los Angeles Travelling 6 hours
    Day 40 Los Angeles Los Angeles
    Day 41 Los Angeles Los Angeles
    Day 42 Los Angeles Los Angeles
    Day 43 Los Angeles Los Angeles
    Day 44 Los Angeles Los Angeles
    Day 45 Los Angeles Death Valley Travelling 5 hours
    Day 46 Death Valley Death Valley
    Day 47 Death Valley Las Vegas Travelling 3 hours
    Day 48 Las Vegas Las Vegas
    Day 49 Las Vegas Las Vegas
    Day 50 Las Vegas Las Vegas
    Day 51 Las Vegas Las Vegas
    Day 52 Las Vegas Phoenix Travelling 5 hours 30 mins
    Day 53 Phoenix Phoenix
    Day 54 Phoenix El Paso Travelling 6 hours
    Day 55 El Paso El Paso
    Day 56 El Paso Dallas Travelling 9 hours 30 mins
    Day 57 Dallas Dallas
    Day 58 Dallas Austin Travelling 3 hours
    Day 59 Austin Austin
    Day 60 Austin San Antonio Travelling 1 hour 30 mins
    Day 61 San Antonio San Antonio
    Day 62 San Antonio Houston Travelling 3 hours
    Day 63 Houston Houston
    Day 64 Houston New Orleans Travelling 6 hours
    Day 65 New Orleans New Orleans
    Day 66 New Orleans New Orleans
    Day 67 New Orleans New Orleans
    Day 68 New Orleans Memphis Travelling 6 hours
    Day 69 Memphis Memphis
    Day 70 Memphis Memphis
    Day 71 Memphis Memphis
    Day 72 Memphis Nashville Travelling 3 hours 30 mins
    Day 73 Nashville Nashville
    Day 74 Nashville Nashville
    Day 75 Nashville Birmingham Travelling 3 hours
    Day 76 Birmingham Atlanta Travelling 2 hours 30 mins
    Day 77 Atlanta Atlanta
    Day 78 Atlanta Tallahassee Travelling 4 hours 30 mins
    Day 79 Tallahassee St Petersburg Travelling 4 hours 30 mins
    Day 80 St Petersburg St Petersburg
    Day 81 St Petersburg St Petersburg
    Day 82 St Petersburg Orlando Travelling 2 hours
    Day 83 Orlando Orlando
    Day 84 Orlando Orlando Travelling 3 hours 30 mins
    Day 85 Orlando Miami
    Day 86 Miami Miami
    Day 87 Miami Key West Travelling 3 hours 30 mins
    Day 88 Key West Key West
    Day 89 Key West Miami Travelling 3 hours 30 mins
    Day 90 Miami UK

    Any help would be much appreciated.


    Sorry i did seperate all that out when i wrote it, but it keeps posting like that!
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    Default couple suggestions

    Day 15 - is there a particular reason to go to Chicago via Cleveland & Indianapolis?

    If not, I suggest Washington DC to Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada (8-9 hours driving time). Spend the night in Niagara Falls (Canadian side - better view, more to see & do).

    Then continue on to Toronto, Ontario Canada (2 hrs drive). Spend a day there - go up the world's tallest tower - the C.N. Tower (Canadian National Tower). Many things to see & do in Toronto.

    From Toronto, go across the border at Sarnia Ontario / Port Huron Michigan (3-1/2 hrs drive to the border from Toronto).

    Then Toronto to Chicago is 9 hrs driving time.

    Day 20 - include Gateway Arch while in St Louis

    Day 24 - from Sioux Falls to Rapid City - go through Badlands National Park, SD on the way. It takes about two hours extra to drive the loop through the park - from east to west so that you do not have to backtrack at all. It is right on the highway, on your way.

    Day 25 - in Rapid City area, see Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial, Custer State Park. All these can be done in the one day. Or you can see Mt Rushmore or Crazy Horse in the evening since they are open late during the summer I think.

    Day 26 - on the way from Rapid City to Yellowstone:

    - see Devil's Tower National Monument, Wyoming (about 1-1/2 to 2 hrs from Rapid City)
    (from Devil's Tower to Cody is about 5-1/2 hrs drive)
    You could stay overnight in Cody if you want to break up the journey.
    - after Cody, WY - take highway 296 "Chief Joseph Scenic Highway" into Yellowstone. (about 2 hrs from Cody along scenic route into Yellowstone northeast entrance)

    Day 34 - Portland to San Francisco

    - see Redwood National Park (on the way - 6 hours drive from Portland)

    From Redwood, you continue south on US-101 for 18 miles, then go to the coastal Highway 1 for the rest of the way to San Francisco (a slower but coastal scenic drive) - about 7 - 8 hours to San Francisco from Redwood

    (to be continued... next post)

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    Default more... continued

    Day 46 - you probably do not need to stay overnight in Death Valley National Park

    Day 48 - are you not going to the Grand Canyon? Instead of four days in Vegas, perhaps two days in Vegas, then drive over Hoover Dam to Grand Canyon Village (south rim). Stay overnight there (you need to book lodging NOW immediately inside Grand Canyon, or you will not find any). Then continue on to Phoenix from Grand Canyon.

    Day 50 - to Grand Canyon (6-7 hours from Las Vegas)

    Day 52 - Grand Canyon to Sedona, AZ (2-1/2 hrs drive - AZ-89 highway)
    scenic route between Grand Canyon & Phoenix - taking you through Red Rock Country - a favourite place in the whole USA of many many people.

    Sedona to Phoenix is then only another 2-1/2 hrs drive.

    Day 54 - Phoenix to El Paso

    - see Kartchner Caverns State Park, AZ (3 hrs drive from Phoenix, right on the way, just after Tucson - near Benson AZ). This is a recently discovered (7 years ago) cave & is absolutely spectacular. It impressed me far more than even Mammoth Cave & Carlsbad Caverns.

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    Zebum Guest


    Thanks for all the suggestions. The reason we are not going to canada is that we have all been to those places before so are trying to devote more time to other places. We were also planning to do the grand canyon as a day excursion from vegas, is this feasable, or would it be better to ammend the route and actually go to it?

    Many thanks


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