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    Default Weather Radar Map

    As I prepare to embark on a solo trip -- I looked at some of my weather predicting tool sites, and found a couple of sites that might be helpful to you too. This one, shows active storm systems and colorful radar imagery.

    Here is NOAA's Mesoanalysis storm prediction center map. Actually, here are a bunch of the storm prediction tools updated 24/7 by NOAA.


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    Default Nice!

    I like that mosaic map - I can never seem to find a nation-wide map of the weather when I need it.

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    Default Weather radar by cellphone


    I've throughly enjoyed my nationwide weather radio via cellphone service, a tack-on plan from "MyCast" which bills $3.99/mo for unlimited use through my Alltel account.

    MyCast requires a fairly late model cellphone (fast, high capacity chip) but it seems that most are so situated nowadays.

    You can enter either place names or ZIP Codes and can pre-program the locations before a trip. I'm headed to Park City, UT before long and have enjoyed watching the snow fly and the text forecasts for much more of the same in the coming week or so. The screen will zoom out for a super-regional look and zoom in for a several county picture. It updates every few minutes so serves as a real-time "what's upwind?" tool.

    When my son and I crossed the country in late October, I pre-programmed Memphis, Little Rock, OK City, Amarillo, Albeq, Flagstaff, and Las Vegas so was able to get current temp and cloud cover/precip for the hours ahead of us all the way across.

    In summertime, it's a "Poor Man's Radar" for boaters, allowing you to see and avoid dangerous summertime thunderstorms on the lakes, Bays, or the ocean.

    It's a neat tool and I wouldn't road trip without mine.


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