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    I know that you can check the weather and road conditions online, but I would like to know what is the best way to monitor weather conditions when driving and no access to internet. I have a weather radio, but are the reliable. Is there one radio frequency when driving across the country that gives the local weather and tells of storms or of bad roads?

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    Default Weather on the Road

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    The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) operates broadcast stations throughout the U.S. Despite their ubiquity, these stations operate on a limited number of frequencies. In fact my wife's car came equipped standard with a weather band in addition to AM and FM, and while it only covers three frequencies, we have never been without instant access to weather in our travels. Another good source of weather info is to simply tune in the Weather Channel each evening. Again, I haven't been in a motel in many, many years that did not carry this channel.


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    Default Using the phone

    The Weather Band Radio should be an excellent tool.

    Additionally, pretty much every state runs some sort of road condition hotline. Many states use a "511" system, or have some other number you can call. Unfortuantly, I don't have a complete list in front of me, but the numbers are also listed in most atlases.

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    Default Weather band

    Our Subaru came equipped with weather band - 7 stations, I believe - and that has been very useful on the road, though waiting through the tide report can be grating when 300 miles from the ocean.

    Often Interstate rest areas and/or welcome centers along the highway will have a television tuned into the Weather Channel or other stations of that ilk - such as AccuWeather, etc.

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    Default Weather Band in WA

    Yeah, the Weather Band radio system is the best, also local AM stations. I usually print out a list of AM Radio stations along my route if I feel weather might be bad.

    In Washington, the NOAA broadcast stations also are required to broadcast pass reports.

    I keep a WB/CB combo in my car at all times, even down here in Arizona.

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