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  1. Default How to deal with the cold weather, snowstorms and Rockies?

    I posted on the Share Your Gas board and I was looking for someone to ride along with me on my trip from Columbia, MO to Los Angeles, CA. I was also trying to get to LA the quickest way possible, but with all the recent reports of blizzards and bad weather conditions in Colorado, I'm concerned but absolutely need to drive from Columbia to LA.
    I was wondering if anyone can offer up any advice like alternate routes that wouldn't be a major time stretch and how to drive through such weather issues (I'm not experienced in cold weather/snow driving). I was thinking of going south into New Mexico but I don't know how far south I need to go since the Colorado storm seemed to move into New Mexico now and I would still need to cut through Utah... which also has bad conditions. Also, how do I get through the Rockies under these conditions. Advice? Anyone? HELP!

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    I punched those cities into Microsoft Streets and Trips, and the program doesn't even send you through Colorado or Utah. The computer recommends taking I-70 only to the Kansas City area, where you take I-435 to I-35, thence south to I-40 in Oklahoma City (which, unlike KC, is actually in the state it's named for). Stay on I-40 for about 1200 miles, all the way from Oklahoma City into California, where you will finally get off onto I-15 South. I-15 intersects all the east-west highways you'd use to get into Los Angeles, namely I-10 and -210 and Highway 60.

    Alternately, if you wanted to be REALLY sure of missing bad weather, you could take I-35 from Kansas City all the way to San Antonio, Texas, where you'd catch I-10, the southernmost route, for a straight shot into Los Angeles. This isn't the best way, for two reasons: 1) it's longer, and 2) it involves driving through West Texas, which is the dullest stretch of highway I've ever seen. I don't know for sure, but I don't think you'd have to worry about Interstate 40. You can always check just before going, of course.
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    Both of the Routes that Bogart Suggested are good alternatives to using I-70.

    The one thing I will add is that there is no route that will guarentee good weather. Even I-10 through Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona can see snow and ice this time of year.

    I didn't see exactly when you are leaving, but your best bet for winter travel is always to look at the weather reports just before you leave and find out where you have the greatest chance for seeing bad weather during your travels, and then planning your route accordingly.

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    You know, they will work harder to keep I-70 open than they will any other road. It's the main artery through the state. They'll have it open quicker than any of those secondary roads. So if you pay attention and check right before you go to make sure it's OK, you should be fine.


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