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    Hi there,

    Being from Canada, I hate camping before June because it's freezing cold at night/early morning. I'm trying to plan a roadtrip and have to nail down some definite dates in the next month but it is dependent on the weather. I'm basically planning to go from Alberta, down to California, then over to Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico, then down along the southern part of the States and across to Florida. Then up to Ontario (to visit family) and then on my way back home, I'm going to do a bit of the Dakotas and Nebraska etc. Somewhere I also need to stick in Wyoming and Colorado. Big trip, I know. Anyways, I've done a bit of research about weather, but I'm not sure the numbers accurately reflect the weather. I've heard the summer in Florida and Texas will be unbearable for me, but in June the average temperatures say asverage temp is low-mid 20s (celsius), which I think is alright (but not amazingly hot). I've also heard though that the humidity makes it feel hotter, and I'm used to dry heat.

    So what I'm wondering, is when is the best time of year to camp/visit in, for us cold-blooded Canadians who can't handle 40 degree weather??? Will it be too cold for me to camp in these places in April, May, or June? Or if I visit Texas in June, will I want to stay inside air-conditioned places all day? Thanks so much!!

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    Default not an exact science

    I'd say your best bet would probably be May or June. You probably wouldn't see the scortching temperatures until into July or August, but you'd still have a fairly good shot of seeing pretty cool temps in April.

    That would be what I would shoot for, but I would still bring a variety of cold and warm weather gear, as you could see some pretty dramatic shifts just depending upon what weather system is moving through when you are on the road.

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    Default Rocky Mountain weather

    For your Wyoming and Colorado visit, you may find that the weather can change very rapidly in these areas. We have camped in Wyoming in July and had a snowstorm. It wasn't white out, blizzard conditions, but just the fact that it was near 70 degrees F (about 21 C) during the day, made that experience a vivid memory.

    Another thing is that average temperature data for any period of time still cannot predict what the weather will be when you visit. As Michael said - it depends on the weather system that is in the area the same time that you are.

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