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    Default French way of life

    Hello, well, I live in Europe and it will be hard for me to talk about us roads ! But if you need help about Alps and its prestigious pass, I'll try to help you.

    I am lucky to live in the french alps, close to the swiss and italian borders. I like to take pictures of mountains and the countryside. I have recently created a no-ads-website to share my passions.

    If you plan to visit Europe, maybe this could give you ideas :-) ..hope so !

    La vie est belle !

    Some shots :

    See you.
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    Default Beautiful Photos

    Quote Originally Posted by bleu73 View Post
    But if you need help about Alps and its prestigious pass,
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! Thanks for sharing your photos with us. The right to use this forum for promotion of commercial sites is an earned right. It usually requires about 50 posts -- (which is why the link to your photo site was removed).


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    ok, I didn't notice that. Sorry.
    Anyway, I hope forumers will appreciate the photos !
    See you in the Galibier pass.

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    What a beautiful area. I am hoping to pick up a decent car next spring and yours is one of the areas that I am looking forward to visiting.

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