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    Default Mid Life Crisis Tour - 2007

    If only I had found this forum back in January!!!

    Myself and some friends are doing a roadtrip on Harleys in October of this year to celebrate a 40th Birthday, it is now only 12 weeks away and I have just found your site and so would like to ask for your advise on our route, things to do at each stop and the sort of weather we can expect as we go round.

    The trip is:

    Day 1 - Los Angeles – El Centro
    Day 2 - El Centro – Gila Bend
    Day 3 - Gila Bend – Tucson - Phoenix
    Day 4/5 - Phoenix – Grand Canyon (stay 2 nights)
    Day 6 - Grand Canyon – Las Vegas (via Route 66)
    Day 7 - Las Vegas – Furness Creek
    Day 8 - Furness Creek – Mammoth Lakes
    Day 9/10 - Mammoth Lakes – El Portal (via Tioga Pass) (stay 2 nights)
    Day 11 - El Portal – San Francisco
    Day 12 - San Francisco – Carmel
    Day 13 - Carmel – Solvang
    Day 14 - Solvang – Los Angeles

    Your comments would be really appreciated, and any additional advise you feel we could benefit from will be taken on board.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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    Default Small world!

    Hello from sunny (not!) Woking... small world, I was working in Frensham today!

    You have picked a great area to go and explore - it is one of the most popular topics on this site so that must tell you something. What I would suggest is that you make copious use of the search box to the left of the screen as pretty much any question that you could come up with has been answered many times before.

    What route are you planning on taking from Phoenix - Grand Canyon - Route 66 - Las Vegas?

    I did a similar(ish) trip last September (in a Toyota Rav4 sadly - dreadful car) and loved it. You're gonna have a fantastic trip on a bike.

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    Default escaping the great British Weather!

    Hi small world indeed, i will certainly be browsing this site on a regular basis.

    In answer to your question of route i have cut and paste the 'highlights' of the 500+ mile section:

    19 At near Fountain Hills, stay on SR-87 [Beeline Hwy] (East) for 54.7 mi
    20 Arrive Star Mart [910 Beeline Hwy S, Payson, AZ 85541,
    21 At Sedona, turn RIGHT (East) onto SR-89 Alt [Si Birch Hwy] for 15.7 mi
    22 At Oak Creek Canyon-North [Flagstaff, AZ 86001, stay on SR-89 Alt (East) for 9.1 mi
    23 Arrive Mobil [2484 E Butler Ave, Flagstaff, AZ 86004,
    24 At near East Flagstaff, stay on I-40 (North-East) for 1.3 mi
    25 At Gray Mountain, stay on US-89 (North) for 8.2 mi
    26 Arrive Imax Theatre-Grand Canyon National Pk [Grand Canyon, AZ 86023,
    28 At near Valle, stay on US-180 [SR-64] (South) for 4.7 mi
    29 At near Quivero, stay on SR-64 (South) for 20.0 mi
    30 Arrive Eddie's Tire and Service Station [132 E Railroad Ave, Williams, AZ 86046,
    31 At near Crookton, stay on Historic US-66 (West) for 5.5 mi
    32 At near Seligman, stay on Historic US-66 (West) for 1.5 mi
    33 Arrive RD's Pit Stop [888 Historic US-66, Peach Springs, AZ 86434,
    34 At Shell [1945 E Andy Devine Ave, Kingman, AZ 86401, stay on I-40 Bus [SR-66] (South-West) for 2.0 mi
    Check your departure time; the next stop is in a different time zone.
    Road name changes to US-93 [W Beale St] for 33.6 mi
    Stay on US-93 (North-West) for 44.9 mi
    Entering Nevada
    Bear RIGHT (South-West) onto US-93 [Nevada Hwy] for 5.6 mi
    At exit 56A, road name changes to I-515 [US-93] for 12.8 mi
    Check local time; this stop is in a different time zone.
    35 Arrive 7-Eleven [3716 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109,

    Would welcome comments and advise.
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    Default Urgh!

    I gotta be honest, that route took quite some working out... lord only knows how you'll get on with that whilst on the road. It's tough enough whilst sat here with a map, it'd be a pain in a car with a navigator, but on a bike I dread to think. If I were you, that'd be job number one, take the route info that the computer spits out and simplify it thus:

    Take I-40 west from Phoenix for x miles
    At Flagstaff head north on SR-89 for y miles

    Trust me, it'll make it much easier on you all!

    Route 66 in that area is pretty cool and you'll find some interesting roadside shops which are worth a stop. One in particular, IIRC in Seligman, is run by a dodgy looking fella who turned out to be the most friendly guy you could ever meet (a biker) who just wanted to chat. If you have any business cards be sure to take some, he had a collection of them from all round the world on the wall. Explore the sites on the page I linked in my earlier post and spend as much time as you can cruising down Route 66.

    From my understanding of the route you'll be heading north out of Kingman
    (be sure to stop and take advantage of this photo opportunity as you pass through - and there is a Route 66 museum just past this on the left hand side opposite a randomly place railway locomotive!) and crossing right over the Hoover Dam which, when we were there, seemed to be quite a popular place for bikers to meet up and chat. That's certainly got potential for a good stop, quite apart from it being a cool place. If you have time try and take the tour. I didn't and I think my enjoyment of the thing suffered.

    As for Vegas... nothing more to say, mega!

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