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    Hi! I am in desperate need of help. I get married in 11 days and our honeymoon to southern california is no longer possible. We are trying to decided if we would like to drive to New York from Georgia or fly into New York and tour New England. We are in our middle twenties and would like something fun yet relaxing and romantic. If you have any ideas or opinions on what we should do that would be great! Thanks for your help a desperate Bride

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    Why isn't your trip to SoCal possible any more? Do you already have anything locked in, or are you totally open? What sorts of things were you planning to do in California?

    Those things will help us narrow down ideas for you.

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    Default What About the South?

    Since it's just 11 days away have y'all thought about just staying in the South and doing a romantic roadtrip? Here's a link from Southern Living Magazine of great places to get away to in the South. I'm worried that if you try to plan a big trip in the next 1.5 weeks that it won't be relaxing or romantic. Now may be the time to step back and look at simplicity over adventure.


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    Or... just do the opposite! Pick out a destination and go for it - the fact that there's no time to plan it properly could turn out to be a real bonus. Some of the best roadtrips are those undertaken on the spur of the moment in my experience.

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