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  1. Default Honeymoon roadtrip!!! Help!

    Hi there,

    I am getting married in July. We've decided that we'd like to take a roadtrip for the honeymoon. So, I'm looking for suggestions.

    Here is a summary of "us". We have a three year old and we don't want to be THAT far away from her in case something happens. We live in Southwest Missouri. We've traveled a lot around the area but we want to hit something new. We're thinking of going into Tennessee to the Smokey Mountains or up to Cape Cod area. But I don't know if either of these would make it possible for us to get there, relax for three or four days and then drive back. We probably have about 7-9 days for the trip.

    We love the outdoors---we're not huge touristy people. We like to find unique spots that not many people have heard of. The occasional "trap" is ok with us....we like to take pictures. But then we like to get off the beaten path somewhat and find our own spots.

    We like quaint little places, cabins, even camping, though I really don't want to camp on my honeymoon. It would be nice if someone could suggest somewhere where we could incorparate a little fancy with down to earth.....

    I'm not huge into REALLY remote or isolated. I like to be away from the rush of people but close enough to get to them if we needed to.

    Any suggestions here? We'd be leaving sometime Mid July.


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    Default Less Than a Day, But a World Away

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    The beauty of living near the center of the country, in southwest Missouri, is that you can get to many wonderful different locations in a day's drive. For your purposes, you can drive through a number of these on a looping RoadTrip where you'll never be more than a day from home if you have to return for any reason. I think the romantic of several possibilities is to head east and south, seeing places and venues like Sainte Genevieve, MO; Mammoth Cave National Park; the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area; Great Smoky Mountains National Park; the Natchez Trace Parkway; Vicksburg, MS;and Hot Springs, AR. Now, I don't think you can see all that in a week, but it should give you some ideas of what's available for a romantic get away, while not getting that far away from home.


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