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    We are planning on renting an RV in Denver and driving to Las Vegas for our honeymoon in August 08. We are interested in taking the "scenic route" and taking in all of the sites. Any suggestions on roads to travel, places to see and campgrounds to stay in? Also.... has anyone ever rented an RV from or heard anything about Cruise America?

    I appreicate any help to make this a great way to start a long happy marriage!


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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    There are some great resources for renting an RV in the RTA Planning Section, with this article really being a great starting point.

    As far as a scenic route between Denver and Las Vegas, I think you'd have to try pretty hard to find a route that isn't scenic! Even if you stuck just to the Interstate, you'd be going through some spectacular country. You could spend months just exploring the many National Parks in this area, so the challenge will likely be narrowing things down!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christi-P View Post
    Also.... has anyone ever rented an RV from or heard anything about Cruise America?
    It depends upon whom is doing the counting but either Cruise American or El Monte RV Rentals are #1 and #2 in North America (and probably the world) in terms of RV rentals.

    If you have the budget and would like some assistance with preparing for this RV adventure -- this company is best in the business and they have a unique relationship with Cruise America enabling them to always secure rentals in superb condition.


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    Thanks for all of the help! I will look into all of your suggestions. If you think of anything else, please post it!

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