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  1. Default Florida to Colorado...enough time?

    Hey everyone!

    My husband and I have never taken a cross country road trip. Ive done many many in my childhood and weve donr the FL-TN rout too many times to count, but I would LOVE to drive to CO from FL. WE have between xmas and New Years off would 7-8 days be enough time to drive to CO and back and enjoy the trip? We'd love to fly too, but flights during that time are outrageous, its actually cheaper for us to drive and you get to see so many cool things along the way! Let me know what you think, about the time frame, time of year, etc.



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    Default What part of Florida?

    My answer will change if you're in the panhandle versus the Miami area. If you're in the panhandle area - then yes - it's doable, but you won't have time to enjoy a lot of things. It's a 2-3 day drive from Shreveport, add a day from the panhandle, but add two days if you're in South Florida. That's really stretching it. Is there any way that you can extend the trip or maybe think of some place closer? North Arkansas has mountains, snow, etc at that time of the year and there are many small resort towns up in the Ozarks. Mena and Queen Wilhelmena State Park come to mind.

    Happy Planning!


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    Default Sadly, No

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    You've come to a website full of RoadTrip enthusiasts to ask if you should take a RoadTrip. Let me guess what answer you're hoping for. But unfortunately, I'm going to have to suggest that this is one of those times where flying makes more sense. It would take a minimum of 3½ days to get from Florida to Colorado, but even at that you'd have no time to see anything along the way or enjoy the trip. It would just be driving pretty much all day everyday. Then when you got to Colorado, you'd just have to turn around and head home almost immediately. For this trip to be fun and leave you time to explore Colorado, I'd think that you would want at least 10-11 days available, though a few more wouldn't hurt.


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