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    Hi All. Iím so glad I discovered this forum! What a brilliant thing it is : )

    So my partner and I are traveling down to Spring Hill, Florida from the Philly area from Sept 26 Ė Oct 8th. We call this our cheap vacation. We basically plan to spend money on gas, maybe two or three nights of hotel stays, food from the grocery store, and maybe a little shopping. The house in Florida is owned by my partnerís parents, so itís a completely free stay. Thatís what makes the vacation really cheap for us. And we plan to just go grocery shopping and do most of the eating at the house, or pack a picnic if weíll be gone all day. So, since we have over a week off this time (12 days!) it means we actually have time to stop at places along the way down to Florida. This is why Iíve come here!

    Our main goal for the traveling portion of the trip is to see some highlights and towns and off the beaten path type things of the southern states (anything after Virginia as weíve spent (and will in the future) time in Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia.)

    We will be leaving the night of Sept 26th, sometime after work, and expecting to arrive in Fayetteville, NC around 1 or 2 am. A good friend of mine lives in Fayetteville, which works out great because we get to visit her as well as stay overnight for free. (Weíve done the drive down to FL in one shot the last time we went (took a nap at a rest stop though) and we donít mind that, but since we have the TIME this trip to just mosey on down there, thatís what weíd like to do.)

    We donít expect to see our Fayetteville friends at this time because they have work the next day, so we will do a longer visit with them on the way back. We will leave early in the morning on the 27th to head the rest of the way down. Our thought was we could do one or two sightseeing stops on the way down to FL and then one or two stops on the way back. But question is, which stops?

    Savannah sounds interesting to us, and of course Myrtle Beach is a popular place, but we donít know if they are worth while stops or stops that would be good for our time frame. We donít mind spending a night over somewhere if we arrived at a place and really liked it and wanted to explore it. We also want other ideas as to places to stop along the way Ė whether they are small stops or bigger stops. Anyone have any ideas?

    Also, while we are in Florida, we will be taking day trips Ė last time we were down there I didnít get to see Tampa, so we will go there for the day. Thereís also some stuff in the Spring Hill area I didnít get to see, including manatees, so we will spend a day doing that. I bought two used books from Amazon yesterday, each about road trips and stuff to do beyond the theme parks in Florida. So hopefully they will be useful.

    Any ideas / suggestions / tips you have for us would be great!


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Between Fayetteville and Spring Hill, there are more than a few places to stop. If you plan to make the jump in one day, then you'll be limited to roadside kitsch like South of the Border, and/or a quick stop-and-shoot in Savannah. But if you can take a day or two on either the way down or back, then a number of marvelous opportunities open up. My favorite is Charleston, for its unique collection of old plantations, gracious downtown homes, historic sites (be sure to take the boat ride out to Fort Sumter), and great food, particularly its pulled pork barbecue. If you're into unique natural settings, then take the time to stop by Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge and check in at the headquarters and look into renting a small boat for some exploring.

    Myrtle Beach is OK, but a bit on the honkey tonk side. If you prefer your beaches more pristine, then consider a drive down the Outer Banks of North Carolina, or a trip out to Cumberland Island National Seashore on the Georgia coast, but either will require a ferry ride. For a relaxed Gulf shore resort, look at Cedar Key. Anyway, those are few of the spots I've most enjoyed in that neck of the woods.


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    Thanks Buck for the great tips! We don't have to make the jump in one day - in fact, we kind of planned to stay overnight somewhere, our thoughts were Savannah. We have to research Savannah a bit more; all we know is that Paula's restaurant is there!

    Charleston sounds wonderful! We are very into unique and natural settings. I forgot to mention that I am an amateur photographer, so I am VERY interested in anything different to explore with my photography. (You can see some of my work here.)

    Thanks for the suggestions, I've written them all down and will be spending some time at work today researching! :)
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