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    Default FLORIDA to VIRGINIA -- first time road trip!! SUGGESTIONS?

    Hey everyone,

    My friend and I are both 16 and planning a road trip to Virginia sometime soon. She will be the only one driving since I only have my permit -- it's about a 15 or 16 hour drive, so we're planning on doing it in one day (6AM to 10PM, legally, but we might leave at 5AM).

    Any suggestions other than the obvious -- lots of red bull, money, etc.?

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    I remember the distinct urge to travel I had at that age. I couldn't wait to hit the road and get a long distance from home. I also know I've learned a lot since then...and have a lot more to learn!

    I would highly suggest against trying to put 15 hours of drive time in, with only one person driving, and it being your first road trip. Either split it up over a few days, or find another destination (though Virginia is such a beautiful state). Also consider lodging - camping, hotel, etc (this is where the age factor plays a considerable role). You may have trouble finding a place to stay.

    I would seriously consider taking a shorter trip to something closer that interests you. On my first real road trip I seriously overestimated my abilities and underestimated how stressful driving can sometimes be! I also had very limited experience sharing the road with 18-wheelers.

    Here's a typical scenario in which only one person is driving, for 15 hours:
    Start: "Woo hoo! We're on our way!" *music in background*
    Hour two: *after meaningful conversation with travel buddy* "I'm thirsty"
    Hour three: "I need to stop at a rest area" followed by "Next Rest Area 72 miles??!!"
    Hour four: "No rest rooms?"
    Hour five: "MORE construction??? What, are they rebuilding the entire state?"
    Hour seven: "Hey, are you awake?"
    Hour eight: "What the heck is that thing over there?"
    Hour ten: "Why is everybody only going 40 mph?"
    Hour ten point oh-one: "Oh, an accident. *shiver*"
    Hour twelve: "Do you want to stop for the day? I'm kinda tired"
    Hour thirteen: "Look for a place to stop."*music in background replaced by heated political debate*
    Hour fourteen: "More construction???"
    Hour fifteen: "Finally, a place to stay...are you awake??? My butt hurts."

    Driving long times and distances is something that takes some getting used to, and even then you should know your limits, and not having ever taken a road trip, combined with the pride of youth makes for some troubles. If the two of you were able to split the driving chores, it would be a better situation, but I still think you should consider an alternate plan. It's far better to learn the realities of travel close to home.

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