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    Default DC to Austin in September?

    Hi there,

    I have a conference in Austin, TX in late September so I thought that it may be fun to meet up with a pal in DC and make a road trip out of it.

    Looking for advice as to whether this would be an interesting/entertaining route and for suggestions as to what to see along the way. here is what it looks like on the map:

    DC- Nashville 670 miles
    Nashville-Memphis 200 miles
    Memphis-Dallas 450 miles
    Dallas- Austin 200 miles

    so find something nice/interesting around 300 miles from DC to go to (suggestions?) , stop for night 1
    go the next 300 or so miles, stop in Nashville, nights 2 and 3
    Nashville to Memphis, stay nights 3 and 4
    either hammer on down to Dallas in one go, or
    find something cool to see around 200-300 miles from Memphis, stay night 5
    go to Dallas, stay night 6, or if there is something interesting around there, nights 6 and 7
    meander on down from Dallas to Austin, maybe there are a couple things to see on that short hop?

    Look forward to any feedback one might have.

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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    Wytheville, VA is approximately 300 miles from DC via Interstate 81. You could head out of DC on I-66 then hook up with Skyline Drive in Front Royal, and then onto the Blue Ridge Parkway into Roanoke. This will take longer than I-81, to be sure, but it is a very scenic drive, giving the both of you time to relax.

    I have heard that Austin is quite the town for nightlife and live music, you're sure to find something enjoyable to do there.

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    Default what to see in Texas

    I wouldn't plan on too many nights in Dallas. Its a fun town but there are better places to visit in Texas. If you do decide to stop here, be sure to spend some time in the Fort Worth half of the metroplex too. Sometimes we get overlooked but there are some interesting things to see and the two cities are very different.

    But I would strongly recommend that you drive the extra distance to see San Antonio instead. Its only an hour south of Austin. Of course Austin is fun too, so you will want to see some of the sights there as well.

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    Default San Antonio

    I'm afraid I have to agree that the blast to Dallas, spend a night, then save a day for San Antonio would be my choice. I'm sure there are nice things to see and do between Memphis and Dallas, but we haven't spent any time on that route, or in Dallas or Austin. The missions in San Antoino are very interesting, if you like historic stone churches that look like they were lifted right out Spain, which we do. And the Riverwalk is great, especially in the evening. Lots of people, good restuarants, nice boat ride...just a fun place to stroll and spend some time. There are several hotels right there so you don't have to drive, and the Alamo is only a couple of blocks away (we found it to be surprisingly interesting, even moving).

    Have fun in Austin, then come back and tell us all the great things there are to do there.


  5. Default Some ideas and I agree about Dallas

    Lived In Virginia (VA) for 28 years and have lived in San Antonio TX for the past six. The most civilized and fun city between DC and Nashville is Charlottesville VA, you can get some great food there, see come great music and if it is a Friday go to Fridays after Five on the Downtown Mall and have a great time-and its free! (Lynchburg or Roanoke-not so much...) (Snip)

    I would only spend one night in Nashville (not as exciting as it sounds) but I would definately spend a few nights in Memphis and you MUST go to Graceland!

    I agree with the others about Dallas but if you go check out Billy Bob's Dance Hall (an institution) and the stockyard district of Fort Worth (if you like amusement parks then check out Six Flags Over TX in Forth Worth.)

    Depending on when in September you are in Austin find out if you will be there during the Austin City Limits Music Festival-great music-get tickets early! I agree with the others that a trip down here to San Antonio is well worth it-we do have the Alamo you know! Also, an hour and 1/2 west of SA in Hunt, TX is Stonehenge Texas it is out in the middle of a pasture and it is pure bliss! (We Texans have everything!)

    Not sure how you are getting home but as I have driven down here from VA both ways I would highly recommend you drive back to DC by going from Austin to San Antonio to Houston (fun town) to New Orleans (I think we all agree a VERY fun town) and then drive north. The milage is roughly the same as the Nashville/Memphis leg but you don't have the mountains to contend with which will seriously improve your gas milage and you will have all new cities to see.

    DC traffic is bad but Austin is a bear and Houston traffic is a nightmare especially around the a.m. and p.m commute times. Even with Houston traffic I prefer to drive through there to get to the East coast but Graceland is a do not miss!!!

    Have a great trip!!!
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