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    Default Austin, TX to Cali, places to see/eat/stay

    I'm taking a drive in September from Austin, TX to San Diego, CA to Palo Alto, CA. It's going to be short--four days--but I'd like to find some funky things to see and the best roadside food on the way. Any suggestions?

  2. Default The Shady Dell and Bisbee, AZ

    One diversion along your way could be the Chiricahua Mountains (and National Monument) in southern AZ and an overnight in Bisbee. There are a couple of neat places to stay in Bisbee -- there is the Inn at Castle Rock (a neat old fashioned B&B (see, and then there is the Shady Dell Travel Trailer Park (see for information. It is a neat little "motel" where you stay (instead of normal old boring rooms) in little restored travel trailers. I've heard it is a pretty neat place, although I've not stayed there myself as yet. Check it out, then come back and tell us about it! There's some neat little places to eat in the area as well, just ask a local to direct you (I can't remember any names right now, but there's an authentic little Mexican place near the downtown that has a pretty good lunch). Bob

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