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    Default From Austin to Charlotte

    I'm moving from Austin, TX to Charlotte, NC. Its 1100 miles and I have 2 days to make this journey. Not my first choice, but that's all I have. I'll be sending my lifes posessions with a moving company ahead of me. So its just me, my 150 pound dog Tonka, and my 2 Kitteens (not kittens, but not cats. in the teen time right now).

    Planning to hit the road early around 5. That way I can have the blinding sunrise in my face for a few hours.

    I need a half way point to get a hotel for the night. I was thinking Montgomery, only because its the largest major city on the Yahoo Map I was looking at. Any other sugestions would be great. Something safe and not too expensive. But that allows the animals. Thats the fun part. I checked out the sites here that offer pet listings, and nothing in Alabama. I'd really like to stay in some quaint town, not a metropolitan city.

    I made the trip from Cali to Austin Texas with Tonka. She didnt have many problmes other then fighting for shotgun 2 hours into the trip, squishing my friend and causing a 20 minute delay as we could stop laughing. So I'm not too worried about her on this trip. She's road queen. My concern is for the cats. they have only been on one car ride and that was getting them home. I am planning to get a cat carrier and start taking them on little rides to get them used to it.

    1. Do I keep them in the carrier together or seperate?

    2. Is there something I can get them to relax them like prozac for cats? (my aunt had her cat knocked out by the vet for a 8 hour drive. I dont have that option as I am traveling 2 days and leaving before any vet gets out of bed)

    3. where should I put the in the car? In the back of the SUV with the dog or on the front seat with me, or the floor board of the front seat?

    4. When should I stop feeding them before the trip, and should I let them eat when we get to the hotel for the night?

    5. water, should I give them some while traveling??

    Any advice or directions you can point me in would be great. I'll also hit that nifty search function. Thought I would just get this started first.


  2. Default Long days

    These will be long days -- the total distance is over 1200 miles. Personally, I'd take a more northerly course, up through Little Rock to Memphis and Nashville, and across to Charlotte from there. I simply like that route better -- I think it is prettier for sure, especially eastern TN.

    I do not travel with animals, so others will have to answer those questions. For an overnight, you'll find many choices in the Memphis area and that is about halfway -- for something "more quaint," not sure about that. Maybe Benton, AR or Jackson, TN?

    Again, these will be brutally long days. If it is at all possible for you, try to keep a few hours open on the third day in case you don't quite get there in two. If you get fatigued to the point your eyes get heavy, don't take chances with your life. Just for information purposes, fatigue kills about as many people as alcohol impairment does. Therefore, it is nothing to take chances with. Keep the shiny side up! Bob

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    Default Austin to Charlotte

    When might you be making this move? I have a tough situation. My daughter just moved from Houston to Austin and thought everything was great and got up to her new apt to find out that the management failed to tell her there was and extra monthly charge for her cat and a hefty deposit. My daughter was screwed over by a roommate last year and drained her bank account and now she is strapped for cash and trying to make a fresh start in Austin. She also got placed with a roommate who is allergic to cats. We need to get her cat Luna up here somehow to Memphis. She is a small quiet back cat and my daughter has a carrier. Is there any possibility of Luna hitching a ride and we can pay you a fee? My daughter would bring her to you and we can meet you when you get to Memphis or anywhere close. There a lot of hotels here in the Memphis area. You want to try to get one in the east memphis or wolfchase area.I can check on hotels for you if that would help. Please let me know if this is doable. Thanks so much

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