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  1. Default Wisconsin in the springtime

    A friend and I are venturing around Lake Michigan this weekend, and was wondering if anyone had tips on what routes to drive and things to see in Wisconsin.

    We're in Michigan and will enter Wisconsin from the UP, then go through Chicago and back into Michigan. My road atlas indicates WIS 55 is a scenic route, can anyone second that and tell me if it's worth driving?


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    We once visited the Dells in Wisconsin.
    May be cornball for some, but we loved it.

    Then nearby Chicago is a good idea if time permits for pizza and beer.
    Kinda where the USA's East meets West sorta place.
    Big town with a small town feel.
    But I'm a hopeless Cubs fan, so don't take my word for it.

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    Default Yeah, I've done that!

    You almost had me there, I couldn't for the life of me remember where WI-55 was, but I found it, and more importantly, I've driven it.

    Its a nice drive. The highlight is High Cliff State Park, which has some very nice views of Lake Winnebago. The campground is also pretty good, although I remember I cut my visit there short because of rain.

    Since you are coming down through the UP, there are some wonderful waterfalls and parks in Marinette County. There are about 12 of them, all fairly close to US-141 south of Iron Mountain. I haven't been there in spring, but I'd have to imagine the melting snow should make them even more impressive this time of year.

    Door County is always a nice visit too. Its a bit touristy, but its still got plenty of natural beauty if you want to get beyond the cutesy shops and stores.

    If you take WI-55, you might also try continuing down WI-67 once you get around Fond du Lac. That road takes you through the Kettle Morain State Forest (there are 2 sections, one north and one south of I-94) and could take you all the way down to the Lake Geneva area.

    You could also cut back east towards Lake Michigan to visit Racine. Honestly, I've never found the city itself to be all that remarkable, but its the only place I know of to get a really good authentic Kringle - which is something I have on more than one occation taken a significant detour to pick up.

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    Perfect. Yeah we were planning on taking 55 down to 29/55 into Green Bay then up into Door County. I had us coming in US 8/141 then 8 across to 55. Maybe we'll have to go down 141 further to 64 to cut over to 55 to see some waterfalls in Marinette.

    Thanks for the tips! Cheers.

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