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  1. Default Sedona AZ to Wisconsin....

    I'm going as the second driver as my best friend in the whole world is moving away from home! We're going from Sedona AZ, to Wisconsin on the 31st of March-- and they would like to travel through new mexico, texas, oklahoma,... but then what is the best way? I'd like to make the travel time go by a little faster since we are following the!!!

  2. Default Two basic routes

    Along with all the many variations -- you'll have two basic routes to choose from. First, I-40 and I-44 -- then once you get up into Illinois you'll have to choose the best route to get into your destination area.

    Or, you could take I-15 & I-70 and from Colorado, turn northward into the Dakotas and cross MN into Wisconsin. This route doesn't get you NM, TX and OK -- if you are insistent on those then you could use I-40 over into NM or OK and then go north from there.

    Any of these are great choices, depending on last-minute weather. If I were a novice, the basic I-40 to I-44 route is probably good for your first experience!

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