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    Taylor Guest

    Default How fast on I-80 from San Fran to Wisconsin?

    Hello Everyone~

    Two weeks from now (Wed. June 30) I and a friend are driving (Jeep Cherokee) from San Francisco on Hwy 80 across the country, through Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska and Iowa and Illinois to reach our hometown in Wisconsin.

    Now I have figured this trip will take about 32 hours of driving, not factoring in weather conditions, fuel/food stops. But we are doing a switch on and off trip, meaning that we will not stop unless we have to, to get home.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or has anyone does this sort of trip on this route and have an idea of how long it will realy take? Factoring in stops, is it possible to do this in about 33 hours?

    I appreciate all your help!

  2. Default 29 Hours

    With minimal stops, you can do this 2100 miles in about 29 hours. That's MINIMAL stops -- just long enough to get gas, grab a quick bite and whatever for 45 minutes every 4 hours of drive time. That's not much.

    You didn't say where in Wisconsin, so I used Madison. If your destination is different, adjust accordingly! Bob

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    Dan Pleski Guest

    Default Feedback

    If you happen to check back; I am taking that same route in August and I am curious as to how long it actually took you, what you see on the way, how are the highways through the mountains, etc...

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