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    Default Wisconsin to San Francisco

    We are planning a road trip from Wisconsin to San Francisco along I-80 in late June. Any great places to stop and visit along the way? We are traveling with a cat so have to be careful about leaving the cat in the car but I know there must be some interesting "sites" along the way! Any hints, advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    Any "world's biggest" to see along the way??????



  2. Default Hoover and Amana

    If you connect with I-80 before you get too far into Iowa, you might check out the Herbert Hoover sites around Iowa City, and the Amana Colonies. One of the shops at Amana is the Smokehouse -- home of some absolutely wonderful tasty sausage, ham and bratwurst treats! (Is it lunch time yet...?) Bob

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    Default world's largest

    Ball of twine - Darwin, Minnesota - 17,400 lbs. 2nd place - Cawker City, Kansas.

    Lists many "world's largest" across the USA.

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