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    You seem to know a lot about a lot of topics. I'm going to be moving to Davidson, NC in a couple of months. I'm wondering about taking road trips to the Outer Banks from there this summer. Any suggestions or should I go to the mountains instead?


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    If you're going to be "taking road trips", then you don't have to choose between the Outer Banks and the mountains. The Banks will a bit farther from your new home, roughly 400 miles as opposed to the Great Smoky Mountains, which will be about 200 miles. But even so, you can get to either in a comfortable day of driving. I've been to both areas, and I wouldn't want to recommend one over the other, so let me suggest this. Take your first trip to whichever is LEAST like your old home. If you've never seen the ocean, by all means head there first, or vice versa, if your former home was near the coast. But then make sure that your next trip is to the other location. You won't regret either drive.


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