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    Default NY to Outer Banks, NC

    Hi all, new to these forums and hoping somebody has made this trip in the past.

    I live in NY and will be going to the Outer Banks, NC the first 2 weeks of September. Went to AAA and received their TripTiks but have questions about the route they suggested.
    AAA recommends taking I 95 (Jersey TPKE) to Route 13 all the way down to Norfolk, VA and onto the Outer Banks.
    In speaking to a coworker who recently went through Delaware, he suggested taking Route 1. He said that Route 13 is full of lights and frequently goes through commercial and shopping areas.

    My goal is to get down there as fast as possible (go figure ;-) )

    Should I take I 95 all the way down (to I 295, I believe) as I originally planned?
    Should I follow AAA's suggestion of I 95 to route 13?
    Should I listen to my coworker and take Route 1?

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default I-95 vs SR13

    Hi Matt,

    I took both routes (I-95 and 13) many times a few years ago and personally, I would definitely choose route 13. I don't know about route 1, I believe 13 becomes 1 at a certain point or vice versa, but maybe I'm wrong (my atlas is in the car, sorry!). I don't know if route 13 is faster than I-95, but I'm quite sure you won't hit as many traffic jams as on I-95. If I remember correctly on SR13, you will find some traffic lights in Dover and in some other places but it's certainly not as bad as being stuck in traffic on I-95! Plus, if you take route 13, you will get to drive on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel which is a pretty cool bridge. I know some will disagree on this, but I never thought I-95 was particularly scenic anyway. You'll love the Outer Banks! :o)

    Good Luck!


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    Default US-13, and options

    I have to agree with Gen regarding using US-13 down the Delmarva Peninsula rather than following I-95 a little farther inland. US-13 may cost you some time, but you will be amply rewarded with a far more mellow drive. On the other hand, it might even save you time if you were to hit one of DC's notorious beltway traffic jams. If you don't have to go through Baltimore, Washington or Richmond, I'd skip I-95.

    DE-1 is a controlled access toll route as it parallels US-13 between Wilmington and Dover. It then shares roadway with US-113 to Milford, and finally branches off to the Delaware shore. It is the preferred route at least until you cross the canal and for sure around Dover. At Dover, you can take either US-13 or US-113 south - they join up again in Maryland. My preference would be for 113 just because I like Georgetown, DE and don't much care for Salisbury, MD.

    If you're not in too much of a hurry, stop at the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge in Virginia, and of course enjoy the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel (you have no choice on the latter). I did this trip in reverse last month - from the Outer Banks to New England - and once you get off the I-95 corridor, the pace will slow down and your sense of vacation and adventure will noticeably increase.

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    Gen & AZBuck,

    Thanks to you both for your quick replies. Sounds like you are both very familiar with this route.

    AZBuck (or anyone else),
    Let me see if I understand this correctly. Take route 1 (route 113) south to Dover and then pick up route 13 to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Also, just to confirm, if I continue south on 113 through Dover, will that road eventually lead to the CBB?

    Backing up a bit, looking on a map, it looks like I 95 and route 1 are fairly close around Wilmington. Is this the area where I would pick up route 1?

    Are there a lot of stoplights on these roads? I will have another car following me the enire trip and would hate to lose them at lights constantly.
    I assume the speed limit to be 55. How are the police on these roads? Will they bother you if you do 65-70?

    Thanks for all your help in getting us to our vacation spot!

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    Default Details

    I assume you'll be coming down the NJ Turnpike and crossing the Delaware Memorial Bridge. If so, the exit for DE-1 south will be just after I-95 joins you. Do NOT take the US-13 south exit just a few miles after you cross the bridge. You then stay on DE-1 wherever you can until Dover, although you will occasionally be put on US-13 where the toll road has not been completed yet. In these areas, US-13 is a 4 lane divided, but not controlled access, highway.

    One word of warning. Be careful not to follow signs for the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, which will take you across the middle of the Bay to Annapolis and on to Washington, DC. What you want is the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, a subtle difference in name, but a huge difference in destination.

    So far, then, you stay on DE-1 (first choice) or US-13 to Dover. DE-1 becomes a bypass around Dover. At the south end of Dover, you will have to choose between US-13 and US-113. They are both 4 lane divided highways for the most part and they both end up in the same place. If you're not looking to stop anywhere along the way and just want the fastest route, take US-13 (and the bypass around Salisbury, MD). If you're looking for a slightly more relaxed route and a quaint town, take US-113 and stop in Georgetown, DE. Once the two highways rejoin in Pocomoke City, MD, just continue on US-13 to the Bay Bridge Tunnel, join I-64 south (I think that technically you want to go 'east') to VA-168 (toll in portions) and US-158 to the Outer Banks.

    US-13 and US-113 both have wide shoulders and if the trailing car gets stopped at a light it will almost always be possible for the lead car to pull over within sight and wait for the light to change. Actually, while there are lights on these roads, there aren't all that many, especially as you get farther south. As I recall speed limits are more often 60-65 than 55, and yes, they are patrolled. You probably won't be bothered if you're a few miles over the limit, but probably will be if you're considerably over the limit and passing everybody in sight. Use the same common sense you would at home.

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    Thanks AZBuck,

    Perfect explanation. Wish I had started here with you folks rather than who I dealt with at AAA.

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