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    Default Boston-Florida with RV and Family

    Hi all,

    I'm planning to rent a RV and do a trip from Boston to Miami, FL with my family (5 kids between 9-16 years) first week of November. Recommendations about RV Parks, stays and sightseeing, directions etc is appreciated! This will be my first time on the East Coast, so I'm open to everything, nothing is obvious to me :-)

    Thanks in Advance

  2. Default Outer Banks

    I'm not an east coast expert, but I absolutely love the Outer Banks of North Carolina. They're isolated, but still close to everything. Much of the tourist business will be locked down when you go, but enough remains open year around that you can get by. Check out the Hatteras Light and the archaeological digs at Roanoke Island (near Manteo). The county is named for Virginia Dare, the first European baby born in the English settlements of the New World. Be sure to try some North Carolina barbecue, if you like that kind of food! Pigman's is good.

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    There are really two "major" scenic routes on the East Coast, one being the Atlantic Coast through the Outer Banks that Bob suggested and the other being a more inland route through Pennsylvania, Virginia, and the Carolinas. Both have beautiful scenery, but since you'll be traveling in the fall you might want to consider an inland route taking in some of the foilage and terrain that the Appalachian mountains has to offer. Be wary, however, that snow can start falling any time now between Boston MA and Virginia!

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