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  1. Default August Trip - Itinerary v1.0

    Ok, check my (in) sanity here with this itinerary before I run it by my wife -- who will surely rip it to shreds. :)

    8/12 - Connecticut to Cleveland
    8/13 - Cleveland to Chicago
    8/13 - Chicago to Dyersville, Iowa
    8/14 - Dyersville, Iowa to Des Moines, Iowa (State Fair)
    8/14 - Des Moines Iowa, Sioux Falls, SD
    8/15 - Sioux Falls, Sd to Badlands area (Rushmore, etc)
    8/15 - Badlands area
    8/16 - Badlands area to Devils Tower, Wyoming, Little Bighorn, Montana, Yellowstone
    8/17 - Yellowstone, Grand Teton
    8/18 - Yellowstone to Glacier National Park
    8/19 - Glacier National Park
    8/20 - Glacier National Park to someplace in central ID (suggestions)?
    8/21 - ID to Salt Lake City, UT
    8/22 - Salt Lake City to Arches, Canyonland
    8/22 - Arches to Mesa Verde, CO
    8/23 - Mesa Verde, CO to Rocky Mountain NP, CO
    8/24 - Rocky Mountain NP to Lincoln, NE
    8/25 - Lincoln, NE to Kansas City and St. Louis
    8/26 - St. Louis to Lexington, KY (??)
    8/27 - Lexington, KY to Gettysberg, PA
    8/28 - Gettysberg, PA to Connecticut

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    Default Are you planning to stop at any of these places?

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    My first impression of your trip is that you've given yourself enough time to get from place to place, but not enough time to actually see anything while you are there.

    Starting from the beginning, if you are driving from Cleveland to Dyersville in one day, you aren't going to have time to stop in Chicago along the way.

    Same thing for your next day, Dyersville to Sioux Falls is a pretty easy 6 hour trip. But I'm guessing you are going to try and see Field of Dreams as well as the State Fair on this day? Des Moines will add an hour, if not 2 to your trip, so now you are trying to "see" two things on top of a 7-8 hour day of driving.

    Your Colorado leg might be the worst case of it. Arches to Mesa Verde is a pretty decent day full of driving, Mesa Verda to RMNP will take you a very full day to drive, and then you will need another significant day of driving to make it onto Lincoln - which in and off itself is an odd stop when you are just heading onto KC and StL, making I-70 the more logical choice of routing.

    Like I said, you could probably drive point to point for all of those places, but if you want to actually see any of the places you have on your list, I'd start working on a version 2.0

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    Default Shreders and the ones who love em

    Quote Originally Posted by CTJeremy
    ...before I run it by my wife -- who will surely rip it to shreds.
    I agree with Michael, you need to cut the destination list in 2/3 to 1/2 so you can actually "See" what there is to see there.


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