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    Default North Carolina to Canada (& back a different way!)

    Hi everyone, I'm new. :) It seems like this forum is a huge help and very active and busy, although I can't seem to find anything to read. My guess is things get sorted, cleared, deleted..? Not sure. If this post needs to be moved, that's fine, and I apologize.

    Anyway, Me and my husbands 1 year anniversary is coming up August 6th. Last year for our honeymoon, we had only 3 days to drive from Roanoke Rapids, NC (Right on the VA state line) to Niagara Falls, Canada. It was an AMAZING 3 day trip-- but now it's coming again, and we want to do it over, bigger and better. We have 7 days to do it again, except see more, do more, stop more. It's going to be great.

    But we have to no idea how to plan this. Last time we only had one reservation, in Richmond, VA just so we could get the honeymoon stuff out of the way. ;) Then got up bright and early the next morning and drove through West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania New York, Niagara Falls, Canada, and on our way home we went through Pennsylvania again and stopped and did some shopping. Getting hotel rooms proved difficult when we got tired of driving. We want to make reservations simply because we want to be able to do lots of stuff in a particular place, and then just retire to bed.

    So here's my question.. We're going from Roanoke Rapids, NC and want to go to Canada again, stopping in Hershey Pennsylvania on the way to eat some chocholate....with any/all super awesome fantastic stops we can find on the way. On the return trip we want to go through his old home-town in Ohio, see the great lakes, and anything else cool you guys may know of in the area.

    :) Sorry this was so long-winded. I'm having a blast exploring this site, but wanted to post this to get replies in the meantime for whatever I can't find on the site. Thank you so much for any ideas!

    Happy travels!

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    Default Where in Canada, Eh?

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm sorry you haven't been able to find what you are looking for yet. Have you tried the search function? With several thousand posts on various topics, There's not much that hasn't been discussed at least once.

    Where in Canada are you heading for this trip? Going to Niagra Falls or did you want to try exploring more and other parts of Canada? Toronto would certainly be one spot that you could easily spend several days in alone.

    Telling us what sorts of things you'd like to stop and see will also help us help you on your way.

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    Default Honeymoon II

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forum.

    At only 600 miles one way (900 miles for the return if you include Ohio) and 3 days to make each transit, this can be a very relaxed and romantic trip. Since you've already decided that you want to book ahead, let me also suggest that you think about looking at Bed & Breakfast establishments rather than the more typical motels. They're much more romantic and will make the trip that much more memorable. Once you decide where you want to end up for the night, just do a web search on the town name and bed and breakfast. Pick one that appeals to you.

    So, some specific routes and places along the way that I think might appeal to you. First, I'd head up the Blue Ridge and Shenandoah Valley to start off. Instead of just heading up I-95, use NC-46, VA-46 and US-460 to cut over to Lynchburg, VA. Then US-501 will take you to either the Blue Ridge Parkway or I-81 through the Shenandoah Valley. Take some time for at least a short hike in Shenandoah National Park, or a bit of caving at Luray Caverns. I-81 will then take you on up to Hershey. From there, US-15 up the Susquehanna Valley in central Pennsylvania is a very lovely route. On the way to Niagara, consider a couple of detours, one to Watkins Glen State Park and the other to Letchworth State Park.

    Now, for the way back, You didn't say exactly where in Ohio you were headed, but for starters, as you're driving down I-90 from Buffalo, occasionally get off and follow PA-5 or OH-531 along the lake front and check out Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Consider coming home at least partly by way of US-60, the Midland Trail and make some time near the end for the New River Gorge National River.


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    Default NC > Canada > Ohio Itinerary =]

    So, I have absolutely no pride about looking like an outsider tourist when Josh and I go on our road trip/vacation. I am so freaking excited. We're planning this trip together and it's coming together so awesomely.
    Here is tentative planning!
    Only 2 1/2 weeks until it gets here =D
    Thanks for all of the help from this community.
    Read over it, see what you think, and tell me if you know of anything fun I could be missing out on.


    Mon, July 31 - We're getting up really early this day, like 6am, and heading to Hershey, PA. It's a 5.5 hour drive. We'll get there early enough to go the Chocholate Factory, which won't take terribly long, and then spend the day in Hershey/Harrisburg and just explore and have fun. :) Josh has a cousin that's a manager of a hotel up there, so hopefully we'll be able to stay there.
    Staying: in a mom & pop hotel, perhaps.

    Tues, Aug 1 - Leave Hershey no later than 9am, Head early to Pittsburgh! the ANDY WARHOL MUSEAM! Get there about 12:30-1pm, and the museam closes at 5pm, so we'll have plenty of time there! Also, there's one of those classic photo booths there that we're gonna take a photo in! =]
    After we leave the museam, we can explore Pittsburgh for a while, until 7pm, when we go see the Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Atlanta Braves :)
    Staying: hotel in Pittsburgh

    Weds, Aug 2
    Wake up, check out, Head to CANADA! Hang out in Canada, and around Niagara Falls seeing what we can do. (There's a lot!) There's another photobooth at the Skylon there in Niagara. Actually, there's 3. The last news was that none of them worked, but maybe they will by now.
    Staying: hotel

    Thurs, Aug 3 - We're going to MarineLand! Then after that, do whatever we want. :)
    Staying: hotel

    Fri, Aug 4 - Leave Canada, head to Family's house in Springboro. Stay the night there for family reunion the next day. What else can we do that day? Play by ear, I guess.
    Staying: With Family in Springboro

    Sat, Aug 5 - Josh's family reunion in Girard, PA - stay at the reunion for a few hours, leave, go see our friend JOE, go to Conneaut (his old home town, very awesome), Lake Erie (beautiful!), stay in Springboro one more night with family.
    Staying: Springboro with the Family

    Sun, Aug 6 - Go to church with the family - start trip again - Happy 1 Year Anniversary to us! :) - Presque Isle State Park - Eat at a nice restaurant for anniversary
    Staying: In Erie, PA, hotel

    Mon, Aug 7 - Maybe go back to Erie, go shopping at the malls and have fun :)
    Staying: In Erie, PA, or futher south towards Luray Caverns where we'll be spending the next day.

    Tues, Aug 8 - On our way home, go to Luray Caverns, The Garden Maze! and see the Natural Bridge, Foamhenge!, and the Devil's Rocks maybe.
    Staying: at home in our comfie beds.

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