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    Hi There,
    My roommate and I have an idea to make a trip to California this summer. We are getting bored with the whole going to school and then just working in the summer, and we want to do someting exciting. We go to school in Calgary, and want to drive, or fly, to California, and live there and travel and learn to surf, and enjoy living in that sort of Environment for a couple months. We have just thought of this idea, and haven't started planning yet, but are wondering if you could send us in the right direction.
    Andrea + Laura

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    Default Drive!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    You do realize that we are all going to suggest you make it a drive instead of fly out there, right? This is a good page to get your planning of to a nice start.

    Some questions you may want to ask yourselves:
    Do we have adequate funds to make this trip?
    How will we provide for ourselves once we are there?
    Where are we going to?
    Where are we going to live while there?

    Essentially, you want to ask yourselves the same questions you would if you were permanently moving to a new location.

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    Default Legal Issues

    Some of this will depend upon how long you are going to be living in Califorina or if you are planning to get a job while you are there, but don't forget to investigate the legal issues involved.

    Assuming you are Canadian citizens, you will need permission to work in the US, and depending upon the length of your planned stay, you might also need to get a visa beyond what a typical tourist gets.

    I'm not sure what you'll need exactly, but I would make sure to include some research with the US Immigration Dept. as you start your planning.

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