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Thread: Maine to Cali

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    nick robinson Guest

    Default Maine to Cali


    In May some friends and I are going to be taking a road trip from the capital of Maine (augusta) to Hollywood. I am looking for help to sugest a route and things to do. We are all sophomores in college going to school at Syracuse University. We want to do fun stuff for kids our age. I love the ocean so would like to stop at a few different oceans (One thing i really want would be to stop at a few hotels on teh way so i can surf). So has anyone do maine to cali? or something similar... The thing isnt going to be planned very specificly. We are going to spend 10-14 days driving doing whatever peopel want to do. ButI want to have an idea of places to go/stay/eat.

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    nick robinson Guest


    Here is one idea

    Maine to Richmond Va Time: 11 hours, 21 minutes Distance: 710.35 miles

    Richmond to Atlanta Ga. Time: 8 hours, 44 minutes Distance: 533.24 miles

    Atlanta to Orlando Time: 7 hours, 22 minutes Distance: 439.07 miles

    Orlando to Austin Time: 18 hours, 57 minutes Distance: 1124.29 miles

    Austin to Santa Fe Time: 13 hours, 35 minutes Distance: 801.99 miles

    Santa Fe to Vegas Time: 9 hours, 58 minutes Distance: 633.59 miles

    Vegas to Hollywood Time 4 hours, 11 minutes Distance: 276.30 miles

    Total Time: 74 hours
    Total Distnace: 4516 Miles

    Approx 4.5hours of driving per day.

    That would be spread out over 14 days. So that means we only have to drive 4-5 hours per day leaving us plenty of time to see everything. Although we will probably end up staying longer at some places and thus well have to make up for it driving 8 hours some days... thats fine.

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    Default LV to Hollywood

    I will post more later, but I just had to comment...

    I would like to speak to anyone why can drive from Las Vegas to Hollywood in 4 hours 11 minutes! Depending upon the time of day, the fastest it can driven legally is 5 hours. If the driver were to blow through the construction zones and maintain close to 70 mph (impossible) the entire distance, the route could be accomplished in 4.5 hours. Anything less is ludicrous.


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    nick robinson Guest


    those are just map quest times based on distance, not construction and other shit.

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    Default In the real world...

    It look like you must be using an average speed approaching 64 mph for some of your calculations. Given a good car, it is possible to reach an average speed of around 65 mph over the course of three hours, but very few drivers can sustain an average speed much over 55 mph anytime one drives more than five hours at a stetch. In order to achieve 65 mph over the course of an eight hour day, most drivers will need to reach triple digits for much of that day.

    So, on first blush, I would say your time estimates for covering the country are very generous.

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    nick robinson Guest


    Why is that? I drive from maine to new york a bunch of times a year (to and from college) and thats 500 miles and i average about 70mph. But keep giving me tips and stuff, becuase you are probably right .

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    Default How do you know?

    How did you calculate the 70 mph average speed? Even if your speedometer reads 75-80, it is pretty unlikely that you can average much more than 53 mph over the course of 400 miles, unless you never stop for fuel, there are no traffic slow-downs and you never stop for food or other pit stops.


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    nick robinson Guest


    Well its 500 miles and i do it in a little over 7 hours...

    Anyway back to the road trip - anyone have some coolplaces to stop or ideas on the trip in general I want to start planning ahead.

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    PJ Guest


    cleveland ohio....rock and roll hall of fame

    Nashville, Tennesee....good partying town

    Memphis, TN....graceland!....civil rights museum

    drop down to new orleans, LA....bourbon street!


    New Mexico...Roswell...UFOs!
    .............up to north west corner...4 corners..shiprock

    Arizona...canyon de chelly
    ..........painted desert
    ..........grand canyon

    maybe Utah....zion national park

    Las Vegas

    San Diego


    i did that trip and about 2 paced but a lot of goodies!

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    nick robinson Guest

    Default Update

    Ok we sat down today and planned out how we want to do this. Here is what we came up with.

    Day 1: Maine to R.I. to NYC (218.81 miles + 180.51 miles)

    Day 2: NYC to Hatteras North Caronia via washington Dc (494.90 miles)

    Day 3: Stay North Carolina

    Day 4: North Carolina to Atlanta (660.41 miles)

    Day 5: Stay in Atlanta for the day

    Day 6: Atlana to New Orliens (487.87 miles)

    Day 7: New Orlieans for the day.

    Day 8: New Orliens to Huston (507.18 miles)

    Day 9: Huston for the day

    Day 10: Huston to Santa Fe (801.90 miles)

    Day 11: Santa Fe to Phenoix 526.82 miles

    Day 12: Pheniox to Vegas (287.09 miles)

    Day 13: Vegas for the day

    Day 14: Vegas to Cali (270.47 miles)

    Day 15: Cali

    How does this look? The other two guys im going with want to maybe cut out another day, but I dont want to lose anything so we will probably end up doing what is above. They will stay in cali until day 18 then fly home and ill be staying in cali for the summer.

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