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    Default Denver to Central or Southern Cali for spring break! Help!

    Hello-- me and my girlfriend want to take a road trip west over spring break-- i have never been to nevada or california, and only to utah once (SLC/ park city area). I was thinking of either going to central or southern california, probably either via I-80 for central cali (san fransiscio, lake tahoe) or I-70 to I-15 to southern california.

    We would be going march 12-21 (about 9 days) and are 20 years old. What areas do you reccomend? I can drive up to 16 hours in a single day comfortably, i drive alot, but prefer not to drive every day of the trip all the time. We would like to relax at at least one destination for 2 or 3 days, but still want to see more than one place. Are there any warm beaches or anythign that time of the year, or should we forget about that! I am also an expert skier, but i ski all the time in colorado so that's not super important to me! ALSO- any cool places to stop on the way to cali would be nice too. OH- and about vegas... we are 20 years old so we can't gamble and ive heard it is hard to get a hotel room if you are not 21. What is the verdict on going to vegas if you are under 21? Thank you for all the help in advance!!

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    Vegas is not a good idea, especially during a busy time of year.

    I like the Tahoe to San Fran and back idea, but you won't find a warm beach in either of those places. Los Angeles will be warm that time of year, especially for folks who are used to wind and snow. You can even see both SF and LA, but you'd have to push it a little.

    Good luck and safe driving.


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    Default Lake Havasu

    Lake Havasu is supposed to be a great place for Spring Break -- and you won't be alone that's for certain. The beach will likely be warm, but not hot. There will be college kids everywhere! Arizona desert weather in March is typically perfect -- 70s and 80s and sunshine.

    Spend a couple of days partying at Havasu, jet skiing, etc, then wander over to California for the remaining time. Go to Disneyland! Yeah!

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    know anything else about lave hivasu? what about death valley, is that a cool place to see/to camp at? any other reccomendations on "must see" places along the way to southern cali?

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    Default Some suggestions

    Although Las Vegas is not a perfect spot when you are under 21 -- it is an amazing place and the crowds just make it more energetic. Plus, there are five national parks within an easy day of driving from the famous Las Vegas Strip! For some local insider tips, you might wish to check out <a href = "">Living Las Vegas</a>.

    Information and links in the <a href = "">Lake Havasu</a> area. Our article about this area doesn't feature the spring break quality -- but it is a real hot spot -- One Spring, it was almost possible to walk across the river by stepping from boat to boat. An incredible gathering spot for the young and beautiful as well!

    <a href = "">Death Valley</a> is one of our favorite places on earth. If the road is open, you might enjoy the drive into <a href = "">Leadville<a/>.

    <a href = "">Kelso Dunes</a> is truly awesome at Sunset and the Rings Trail is a fun place to explore.

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    Default Also

    Just search "Lake Havasu Spring Break" on the internet and you'll come up with tons of info.

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