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  1. Default SoCal to Savannah, stopping in St. Louis

    My husband and I are doing a honeymoon-moving-roadtrip from Southern California to Savannah, GA, leaving October 24. We plan to follow Route 66 to St. Louis, then take whatever roads work the rest of the way.

    I've looked at books for how to follow Route 66 (although most of them go the opposite direction from what we're doing), but I don't know what is reasonable as far as how many days to take, how far to drive each day, and so on.

    I'd be happy to just leave it up in the air, to balance the spending relaxed time together and getting to Savannah quickly as we drive, but there's the possibility of day tripping from St. Louis to Milwaukee (by plane) for v. cheap. That trip, however, would need to be planned ahead of time, and I'm just not quite sure if the Safehouse is worth the side trip and planning.

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    Default Much depends on you

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    How long and how far you'll want to travel each day really isn't something anyone else can answer for you. The LA to St. Louis leg is about 1850 miles, and could be done in 3.5-4 days if you were in hurry. However, since this is a honeymoon and moving trip too, I suspect you'd enjoy taking your time.

    I would try and keep things as open as possible. A mid-trip flight to Milwaukee just doesn't sound worth it to me. There's more than enough stuff to keep you busy along your route.

    Once you're settled into your new place, then plan a trip to Milwaukee at a future time. There are good airline deals from Atlanta to Milwaukee and Chicago pretty regularly.

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    What makes the chance at a milwaukee trip tempting is the tickets would be $100 for both of us... or $25 per person per flight. I can't get that kind of deal out of Atlanta. :)

    The ballpark figure of 4 days helps, though.

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    Default Tempting, yes

    Well, I see why that would seem tempting.

    However, I still wouldn't do it. Remember, 4 days won't really give you much time to explore, that's pretty much just straight driving. I know I wouldn't want to have to rush across country, just to be sure I could catch a flight.

    No, you probably won't see flights for $100 total (where did you see that anyway, just for my own curiosity), although keep in mind fares that discounted also typically has significant restrictions and taxes usually add a fair amount to the low base fare. I'm sure its still a good deal, it just might not be as good as you think when you read the fine print.

    AirTran pretty regularly has special from ATL to MKE, I think I've seen those tickets as low as $75 each way. I still think that would be a better trip for the future, when you'd have more time to enjoy the trip.

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