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    Want to get from Savannah GA to NOLA with one overnight stop. Thought of going through Atlanta, but have heard the drive from Savannah to Atlanta described as "the most boring 4 hours ever" (heh heh, obviously never been to Australia). Any suggestions welcome !

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    Default Savannah to Atlanta

    Hi Kmart,
    Want to get from Savannah GA to NOLA with one overnight stop.
    By "NOLA" I assume you're referring to New Orleans??

    In Savannah, check out the various historic houses :

    -Flannery O'Connor (one of the greatest American author) Childhood Home;
    -Johnny Mercer (songwriter) and Jim Williams (whose story inspired the movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil) House Museum;
    -St. John's Church and the Green Meldrim House from which Gen. Sherman sent a telegram to Lincoln saying he was going to give him the city as a Xmas present!;
    -Davenport House;
    -Owens-Thomas House;

    You might also want to check out Ft. Pulaski National Monument and Old Ft. Jackson. Adjacent to the Visitors Center, the Savannah History Museum has some interesting artifacts, such as Forrest Gump's bench or one of Johnny Mercer's Oscar Award. For a taste of nature, go to Skidaway Island State Park. As for nightlife, I'd start the night with a frozen drink at Wet Willies and head to Club One to watch Lady Chablis' performance . She's one of the characters featured in the movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Clary's on Abercorn St. serves great southern food.

    On your way to Atlanta, stop by Ocmulgee National Monument in Macon. Jarrell Cotton Plantation just outside Dames Ferry looks like a great place to spend a couple of hours. I know I'm repeating myself:-), but you should check out the Whistle Stop Café from the movie Fried Green Tomatoes in Juliette, GA. High Falls State Park has nice waterfalls and great picnic and swimming areas. Go for a spring wildflower hike at Panola or Arabia Mountain. Check out the Watershed Restaurant owned by Indigo Girls' Emily Saliers in Decatur, GA. Take a scenic train ride or enjoy the skyride at Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta.

    From there, I think you can check out a couple of the tips we gave you in an earlier post.
    "the most boring 4 hours ever"
    Here at RoadTrip America, we believe that no place is boring because every place you go through is someone's hometown and I'm sure that if you take some time to chat with locals, someone will at least have one cool museum, monument or restaurant to show you.

    Have fun!
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    Default borring

    Sorry Glen, but I have to somewhat disagree with you. The most boring streach is from El Paso Texas to San Antonio. No one lives along that strech of the I10. Nothing but dirt for MILES and MILES and MILES. I dont sugest that trip at night. When we took it we didnt pass a car for over an hour and were hitting gas stations ever 40 miles or so.

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    Well, I don't know how "exciting" this trip would be, but it's an alternative to going through Atlanta and whatever headaches that may cause. Take I95 South to Jacksonville, FL. Then take I10 West. I10 West will get you all the way to New Orleans. Pensacola, FL is close to half way via this route. Nice beaches if you're into that sort of thing. Could be a nice stop for you. I've been, doesn't do much for me, but the beaches are nice (or at least were nice before the hurricanes of 2005...I don't think Pensacola suffered too much?)

    Are you heading here (New Orleans) for Jazz Fest?

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    Default Have to disagree with that I-10 Stretch

    That's is one of my favorite stretches of road, although I always get off of I-10 and take I-20. There is the best rock station out there (I always have to hunt for it). I feel like I'm driving on Mars or some other exotic barren wasteland, listening to rock classics and going 75 mph. Nothing better.

    NOLA - have you booked a hotel room yet? There are still very few hotel rooms available in the state of Louisiana even now. I know my parents had a tough time finding a room for Lake Charles and New Orleans (Metarie, Kenner, etc) will probably be as tough. The evacuees were just forced to leave hotel rooms within the last month and there are still many contractors and businesses renting the rooms.


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    Default RoadTrip Etiquette

    Quote Originally Posted by kcstockdale
    The most boring streach is from El Paso Texas to San Antonio. Nothing but dirt for MILES and MILES and MILES.
    I have driven ~ million miles over the last few years and I have yet to find a single boring place in the Americas. I have driven that stretch east of El Paso, perhaps a dozen times in the last decade and each time see something I have never noticed before. Boring is a state of mind of the perceiver -- an expression of such a perception usually indicates a lack of awareness on the part of the traveler and runs contrary to the basic rules of roadtrip etiquette encouraged on this Forum. Perhaps you simply need to drive that stretch of road with a new outlook?


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    Default I10

    You guys could be right about the I10. I did travel it late at night and ancy with the anticipation of moving to Austin. If I ever have to make that trip again I will be sure to do it in the day light and with an open mind.

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    Default RoadTrip Attitude


    I saw in your profile you were from Austin...A trip down south to San An and El Paso may not sound as exciting as it does for an Easterner like me or someone from abroad. And even if you are from that area, like Mark said, maybe you should try to have a different outlook on things. I discovered places within my own province I didn't even supect existed and it felt like I was in a whole different world.

    As an Easterner, I used to think I-95 what boring from head to toe... Boy I was wrong! It's all about attitude. Every road trip is different anyway so when you go back there, try to do it in the daylight and pay attention!:o))

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    Thanks everyone for the tips. Sorry if I was un-PC with the "boring" comment - it wasn't a personal view, just something I read on another website. Being more of a "Slow Traveller" than a "Road Tripper" I do tend to think in terms of destinations, not journeys - this trip will be a different experience for me - shake me out of my comfort zone!
    Gen, thanks for the sites in Savannah - "The Book" is my main reason for insisting on a 2-nite stop there - I'm thrilled to know that Lady Chablis is still around !
    Badduke, unfortunately we won't make it for the Jazz Fest, we are booked in to a NO B&B for the weekend of 26 May (so we are fine for accomodation, lhuff), but if you can recommend any jazz clubs to visit, it would be great. We'd also like to experience some Cajun/Zydeco music while in Louisiana.
    And while I am travelling the San Antonio - El Paso stretch a few days later, I promise to keep an open mind !

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    Default Not sure if it's open, but

    Preservation Hall is a must. Also, just walk down Bourbon Street and keep your ears open. Most of the bars used to keep their doors open and you could hear all sorts of jazz coming out of the clubs.


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