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    Default Anaheim to LV at New Years

    Hi all! We are planning a trip to take the family to Disneyland on 12/25/06 for about 5 days and looking to drive to Las Vegas on Saturday, 12/30/06 and spend 4 days there. Will I be sitting in Holiday traffic the entire time to Vegas? How long should it take to make this drive? Am I better off leaving earlier or later to avoid traffic or will it be a mess the entire weekend (Thurs-Mon.)? Looking forward to Christmas in Disneyland and New Years in Vegas.

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    Default Busy, but not Jammed

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    I'd expect to see busy roads, but I wouldn't expect to see any major traffic jams once you get out of the LA area. That is of course, as long as there aren't any accidents or the like. Saturday will probably be about the best day to travel during the weekend, as people are more likely to leave on Friday night or on Sunday if they are just going for 12/31.

    I'd plan for a 5-6 hour trip.

  3. Default Leave early Saturday..

    Since this would be the New Years weekend, there will probably be more traffic than usual. However, if folks are getting out of LA they'll most probably be leaving Friday night.

    So.. head out Saturday morning, hitting the road by no later than 8 am. If you do that, I'll lay money that you won't hit any traffic worth mentioning.

    The worst places for traffic heading out of the city on that route would be either going through the Santa Ana Canyon (east bound on the 91) or heading into the Cajon pass (where 2 major freeways come together).

    For a good route out from the Disneyland area, take the 57 freeway north to one of the other freeways that parallel the 91 (either the 60 or the 210 eastbound would be my recommendation). And if you hit the Cajon pass into Victorville before 10 am, you shouldn't have to even slow down.

    Time to Las Vegas should be around 5-6 hours including a lunch stop. Its around 270 miles, and you'll be on freeways with speed limts in excess of 60 mph.

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