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    Default Just heard of this movement. Stories to share with shared ideals

    In the midst of my scholastic career 5 years ago, the option to join a years-reared Internet startup in the full strength of the bubble arose.

    Dropping out of college didn't seem 100% the best thing at the time, but I knew my attention was elsewhere. I wanted to do the option exploring sooner then later, a bit impatient perhaps at the time. Looking back, I know I wouldn't have traded the sights, learning, and accomplishment I've had in the past five years for anything in the world.

    I had the chance to continue learning on a much more diverse scale. Working for a very small company gives you a bird's eye view of how to run a company. Even luckier, I worked with a group of close friends with just as much desire to travel, explore and research the options out there waiting to be driven to.

    Many times the Boston-based Onechoice Digital people would venture to Ohio, Florida, Michigan, New York, Nevada, much to the effort of relay-driving, friendship, and sustained reliability on one another.

    Every trip had learning involved. Exploring the options, seeing the landscapes, perhaps not as much interviewing on a professional scale as the RoadTripAmerica program, but ranging from getaways, and learning how to relax within the corporate world, to a NASCO convention, and learning of all the different options in the corporate world at the very least. I see many similarities and shared ideals.

    Two years have passed. Moving from Boston, back to my home state, New Jersey, I find myself in a favorable position now at a new company. An international company to boot.

    Although I didn't get the chance to make the journey by car, I just returned from a tradeshow in St. Louis. This morning I stood atop the Gateway Arch and peered westward through an overcast sky on it's celebrated 38th birthday.

    Thanks for the outlet,

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    Default Isn't the arch amazing?

    I still find it amazing that one can go up in the Arch in this post 9-11 world. Did you notice the "movement" at the top from the wind? How about leaning on the wall to see out the window? Kind of eerie!

    Did you watch the video in the visitor's center -- truly amazing how they locked the two sides together.

    But you must have missed the "2nd best margarita in the world??

    Oh - and Happy Birthday!

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    Default yup its pretty cool

    I'm amazed to find anything still open taller than a tree after that.

    I didn't notice the sway in the wind when I was up there. I remember getting sick when I was younger when looking through the glass of the observation deck atop WTC 1 at its sister tower. You could easily see it coming closer and then going farther away, coming closer, then going farther away...

    I didn't see the video at the Arch center, but have read the details and saw some clips on their website. Definitely smarf poeple ther.

    Not a big margarita fan but would have tried it if I new.

    It's not my birthday. The St Louis Arch turns 38 on Tuesday. It's officially 'celebrated' the weekend before.

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