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Thread: Hiring Auto GPS

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    Default Hiring Auto GPS

    Anyone know what the current rate is for hiring a Sat Nav system at Dollar rent-a-car?

    I have the option of hiring a SatNav system, already uploaded with US maps, from a UK company. Works out at the equivalent of around $150.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for other rental sites?

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    Default I would use paper maps

    Quote Originally Posted by chris.wiss
    Does anyone have any recommendations for other rental sites?
    GPS Nav systems are fine for in-city use -- but considering where you are going on your trip -- better plan to use some paper maps -- Benchmark is still the gold standard for 90% of your route.


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    Default If you have a Laptop PC...

    In addition to paper maps, if you already own a Laptop PC, just get ahold of Microsoft Streets & Trips for those up-close maps of areas not covered by most traditional paper maps (small towns, etc.). Being that it is a digital map, it's also highly dynamic as far as calculating distances and automatic route finding.

    In Car GPS is okay, but if you have a laptop computer you can save some money by just picking up Streets & Trips or comprable software.

    Just a thought.


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