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    tosh Guest

    Default Auto Reliability

    I have found 3 cars that I may think about buying but not to sure about their Reliability for driving across America for 3 months, does anyone know if these cars would be suitable if not could you recommend a cheap car that would do the trip. The 3 Cars are

    1. 1993 Chrysler Le Baron
    2. 1993 Geo Metro Compact Convertible
    3. 1993 Dodge Shadow Compact Convertible

    Going for the Convertibles so that I can cruise with the top down and enjoy the views

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    Default Car reliability

    Check out reliability ratings on different sites ome

    Those cars look okay, but it's probably best to get it checked out with a mechanic regardless of what ratings it gets.

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    "1993 Geo Metro Compact Convertible"

    The Metro is a VERY small car. It is fuel-efficient, but it's also ten years old. I would not recommend it at all for a road trip. It just won't be comfortable, and it can have problems with wind (like, being blown off the road!)

    I'd go for a larger automobile. Using the MSN site, the Dodge Shadow has few problems at 10 years old (oxygen sensor which is cheap),

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    tosh Guest

    Default Reliable

    Cheers, thanks for that, you see I have only got about $3000 max to spend on a car. Those were the only cars that I could find within that price range. I'll keep looking but if you know of anywhere within New York City that handle cheap Reliable car that would be capable to drive across America in the summer months

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    Default take a miata

    miata, plenty of 1991-93 in your price range. i bought one 2 years ago with 110k miles and it still runs strong. i drive very aggressively and redline almost every gear. also, you'll be able to sell it for what you bought it for when you are done. i doubt you would want to though. handles great too and looks better than the metro and la baron

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    imported_Bob Guest

    Default Concur

    I agree -- in your price range and if you are seeking reliability, I'd stay away from small American cars and anything Korean -- but look for a Toyota, Mazda or Nissan, preferably one with rear-wheel drive. A Corolla in your price range might be OK. You won't find decent convertibles in your price range, I fear, and frankly, anything you purchase that old is going to be a crap-shoot no matter how good it was new -- too many variables. The Miata would be a great choice if you can find one! Pay the money to have it looked at before you sign on the line! Just my humble opinion! Bob

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    If you have the time are flexible, fly out west first and buy the car, then drive it back east. Cars out west are usually in better shape since there's no real winter over here. Or look at purchasing outside of NY, I'm sure you can find better deals.

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    KC Guy Guest

    Default Geo...

    I took a roundtrip trip from KC to LA in a Geo Metro and it was great! Cozy..not small. Be careful going up hill in the mountains. Could overheat. Otherwise...great!

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    imported_Chris Guest

    Default cars

    I drive a little ass Daewoo Lanos all over this country and have yet to have problems. That car is like the land speeder in Star Wars!!! I would personally avoid all 3 of those choices, then again i drive Korean.... heh heh. Try to find a Honda. Always a reliable choice. If you want small, the CRX's are a good used choice or a CIvic. That Geo would be super small and 'rickety', you might as well be in a Ford Focus, or getting there by foot, or Greyhound.... If you are driving with the top down for 3 months, don't forget the SPF 45!

    That was a good point made about flying west to buy a car... very true!! We don't have winter wear and tear on engines, or paint jobs..

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    tosh Guest

    Default Chrysler Sebring

    I have made my mind up no to go for any of those cars but I have found a 1998 Chrysler Sebring from a company called adventures on wheels ( which lease out cars. Does any one now if that car would make it across the States and if this company would be dependable on breakdown recovery. Also does anyone else know of anywhere that you can lease out cars at reasonable prices. This is the best I have got so far

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