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    Paul Berger Guest

    Default Travel Mississippi River by auto

    My wife and I are planning a trip in August that will take us from the beginning of the Mississippi River,where we can walk across,to as far south as time allows. We would appreciate information on interesting towns,sights,and special interest along this route within 20-30 miles of either side of the river. Any advice or information from those who have made the trip or live near the area,we will be traveling, will be appreciated.

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    imported_Bob Guest

    Default Hannibal, Nauvoo and St Louis area

    Be sure to stop at Hannibal, MO, because of its connection to Americana -- steamboatin', Mark Twain and all! Also, if you are interested in American history, the town of Nauvoo, IL is where the Mormon pioneers lived for a time just before their departure for the west and destiny. Joseph Smith's life ended in Nauvoo. Very interesting place.

    Near Alton, IL, you will find a visitor's center and recreation of Lewis and Clark's first winter camp (Camp Wood?), and don't miss the Gateway Arch and connected Westward Expansion museum on the waterfront in St Louis. Just a couple blocks away, there is the Basilica of St Louis the King (I think that's the correct name), which dates from 1834 (the church was founded in 1770). It's within walking distance of the Arch, on Walnut St.

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