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    Default California to Canada help and advice...


    A few buddies of mine have been planning a road trip to Canada from Northern California for about 6-8 months. We are planning on leaving July 19th and plan to return somewhere around the 30th.
    We plan on taking I5 the entire way up, and just want to know what the best (and closest) part of Canada would be for us to stay at, it should be near the Washington border. We also want to know if there are any events we should catch on the way up to Canada, maybe in Oregon or Washington. And last of all, will we need passports to get accross the Canadian border, or will our California Drivers Licences do?

    Thanks for the help.


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    Default Passports

    I'm not familiar with your area at all, but I know that usually you don't need any passport to come to Canada, your driver's license is enough. But I would call the Canadian Customs anyway, just to make sure because I never crossed the border for more than 1 month, so maybe it would be necessary for a trip as long as yours.

    Hope you're going to get the information you need from other people!


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    To get across the border, you only need your photo ID (driver's license will do) and a certified copy of your birth certificate. Don't lose it, you'll also need it to get back. You might need more for a longer trip but I doubt it.

    Vancouver, BC, has some wonderful scenery and things to do. You might also enjoy taking a ferry over to Vancouver Island to Victoria, BC, and sites there. Both are close to the border. In fact, you could take a ferry from Vancouver, BC, explore the island, and then come back on a different ferry to see different sites. You could ferry to Port Angeles, WA, on the northern coast of the Olympic Peninsula and drive the coast all the way home. Or you could ferry back to Seattle or other points in Puget Sound and motor back from there.

    As for events....well, I'm sure there's tons of them. What kinds of things were you looking for?

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    Thanks for all the advice.
    My friends and I are also planning on camping along the way up to Canada. We will probably just find camp grounds along the way. I would also like to see some of the scenery up there, along with exploring the city.
    We have also heard mixed things about the drinking age up in Canada. I heard that only the North Eastern part of Canada has a drinking age of 18, and from other sources I've heard the drinking age is 18 through out Canada. Can anyone verify this?

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    Default Legal drinking age in Canada by province

    Alberta 18
    British Columbia 19
    Manitoba 18
    New Brunswick 19
    Newfoundland and Labrador 19
    Northwest Territories 19
    Nova Scotia 19
    Ontario 19
    Prince Edward Island 19
    Québec 18
    Saskatchewan 19
    Yukon 19

    Don't drink and drive and have a wonderful trip!

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    Default On the safe side

    While it is true that a USA driver's license is technically sufficient, from what I have heard it is prudent to have your passports with you. A passport is legally superior to both birth certificates and driver's licenses.


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    Default canadian Drinkn

    Ím from Quebec Canada, and let me tell you that on one here cares if your only 14 and drinking, but the law asks you to be at least 18 years old, Ontario 19 Im not to sure about out west but, Im sure every other provence is 18 and so on...

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