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  1. Default Planning a roadtrip from Philly to Dallas

    Hi i am planning a trip to Dallas from Philly and wanted to know what cities or states i must go throughfor the touristy stuff...i wanted to see things that are out of the norm...such as for example the worlds largest _______ you fill in the blank....i just want it to be a memorable and fun trip things that i will never see again in my life time thanks...and i have about 5 days to travel sopressed for time kinda thanks

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    Default Greetings....

    ...and welcome to the forum, DayamHomee!

    Traveling the quickest route would still be about 1500 miles and would likely take you about 30 hours to complete (including quick stops for food and fuel but no tourist stops). This means that you will have to do some good planning in order to squeeze as much time to explore out of this trip as you can.

    I'm not familiar with this route so I can't give you any specific ideas. However, there is some good advice here on the website. You might want to review:
    * Cool Places to Visit
    * Scenic Drives
    * Roadside America
    to see if anything strikes your fancy.

    Also do a search using the search button at the top of this page. Also, some folks don't scroll down far enough but, at the bottom of this page, you'll find links to forum discussions that might give you some good ideas as well.

    Have fun planning! And on the trip too, of course!

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