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    Default Planning a roadtrip to Canandaigua, NY

    Hello to all,

    I am planning a road trip from Chicago, IL to Canandaigua, NY. I was wondering if anybody has taken a similar trip and if they had any advice. I will have two and a half weeks off for the trip. All suggestions would be appreciated. My girlfriend will be accompanying me and I would like to make it as romantic of a trip as possible.

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    Default A few "romantic" suggestions

    Highland Park in Rochester;

    The Honeymoon Capital : Niagara Falls (The view is better from the Canadian side);

    Niagara B&B Directory;

    Ontario suggestions (Wineries, towns, parks, etc);

    Lake Erie Wine Trail;

    Ideas of romantic getaways;

    Michigan beaches (clothing optional);

    Boothby Inn, Erie, PA;

    Detroit Institute of Arts;

    Amish Country, Indiana;

    I hope this will help you. Good Luck!

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    Default In addition...

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forum.

    Gen has given you some truly excellent suggestions, in particular the links to the B&B's and wine country tours. B&B's are a bit pricier than motels, but there is simply no comparison in their 'romantic value'. One word of advice from an old married duffer. Your basic choice here is to surprise her with the choice of lodging or to include her in the decision. I strongly recommend the later. You do the legwork and find a set of establishments that works logistically and financially, and let her make the final choice based on decor and ambience.

    Also a couple of specific places you and she might enjoy. The first is the town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON. This is a very quaint town made for strolling, window shopping, and relaxed, intimate dining. If you go to Niagara Falls by way of Ontario from Detroit or Sarnia, it is well worth the slight detour. The second is Watkins Glen State Park at the south end of Seneca Lake. The drive will be pretty (through wine country) and the hike up the glen is, as they say, gorges. And finally, consider an evening/dinner boat ride along the old Erie Canal.


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    Another possible overnight stop - The Glen Iris Inn overlooking the 1st photo is the Middle Falls of Letchworth State Park near Perry, NY.

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    Thank you for your suggestions. There is a lot of great ideas and links.
    Thanx again.

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